Wednesday, May 27, 2009


yeah? is time to celebrate, (:::.....and the time to be worry..

ME(Yellow): *looking at the test paper...*
TEACHER(Blue): You all may start the test now
ME: *Open the test paper....and....stun there, the questions are freaking hard...*

I know the image quality damn cacat..
but, love the the way, you all should learn JIN-OLOGY!
ok....stop the exam topic,
let's talk about the cheer!
who is the cheer by bus??
I am damn boring, -__-" koperasi people always call me to do stupid things...srsly...
diabolo is stress, the first time I said that...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stop-stopped-the shit in your eyes

promise this, last post during exam...
stop say something that is not true, is not TRUE,
I don't know why, maybe you all just think too much,just bust that kick?

That didn't happened and please, never, is that good? I don't understand?
I didn't why you all just say I did?!
I know I didn't so SHUT UP AND LET ME GO

this is damn stupid, so....just stop it, u all rude like shit
shhhh.......let me go, just dance....kay?!

Lady Gaga-Poker Face(Acoustic)

Monday, May 11, 2009


u people start to study edi?
I think I am going to fail my Sej, Geo, Malay, KH
so....?I am so dead...

to Xinhui, crystal, LiYen, YiTing

please be patient, I will, and I am going to type a post for u guys, SO....

WAIT!!!...btw, I already mentioned you people name (:

I need to study, u guys?....):...
by the way, the fattyboomboomshakekingkong is so annoying,
can't believe I am saying this
Ro-Hi-Ni- (English Teacher), pls continue teach us english...miss u leh!
seriously need to study, )))))))):

I am in love with Restaurant City in facebook

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesday, 6 MAY 2009

thx everyone (:....
for the presents, cards, hugs, smile..(:
love you all weih...
quite stress, why everytime this time of every year I will feel stress?
easy, cause of the kcuf exams (:
will have another post about today later.

by the way,
Crystal Yong and Xinhui called me to write a post for them (: *dipaksa,srsly (::*
you two are so awesome! hah! Koperasi is fun (:, you two!
you two should be so proud cause I wrote a post for you two on my b'day...x)

Monday, May 4, 2009

I am waiting (:

hey, it is almost here...(:

no, not the exams....

just waiting (:

cause the OMG day is coming!

is tomorrow


Friday, May 1, 2009


First OF all









happy b'day to waimun de awesome?

she is an awesome friend (:...
she is quite sampat,...
and she loves to syok sendiri!!!
haha.....she is kinda straight forward...

by the way, Jian Wei is right, today is awesome...cause today is a Holiday!!! (:

QUOTE for the POST
haven't study, I am going to die in
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