Monday, December 27, 2010

Power Of Google Search!

Today, I checked my Nuffnang analytics, I was pretty amazed by the POWER OF Search Engine Optization (SEO)! (:

See the Google Search, so scary! :D, But so freaking amazing & awesome! 55 people searched my blog because of MTV Awards 2010! :D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year Christmas is awesome. :) Well, my family actually don't celebrate Christmas, so there's no Christmas tree, no Christmas present, no Christmas carol, no Christmas dinner or whatever you call that. So basically, what I meant was this year is a bit different, my family and I went to "Gold Coast" located at Perak. I was a normal beach, that's what I can say.

Anyway, we were trying to build a Christmas Tree by using sand, the sand was pretty smooth, like powder. :) I was wearing Pangkor camp 2009 shirt, awesome. (Y)

So tadaa, this is our awesome Christmas Tree. :) Pretty Awesome huh?

After the water & sand, we went to a place called Lovers Bridge (情人桥). I don't know why is it call Lovers Bridge but it's a long bridge and wind was blowing crazily, and guess it's an awesome place for couple to go? :)

Time for a poser picture. :p

The sea was pretty calm & nice.

I also bought the famous malt sweet, guess that's how they call it. Really sweet, and sticky too. Keep sticking my teeth.

There also famous of PAO! :D That shop is pretty famous, a lot famous people went there to eat their PAO.

LOVE THEIR PAO! (Y) Like orgasm.

Awesome Christmas, you?

Thank you,Stanley!

This picture makes me feel gay.

Few days ago, I got a Christmas Card from Stanley. Check out his blog :
Hey, why am I telling you his blog? It is because he was actually giving 100+ Christmas cards to 100+ strangers FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! By using snail mail! Can't believe right? I mean, you can hardly see people nowadays giving Christmas card...and what so.

The Christmas Card he gave was pretty awesome although is just a simple photo. :) Well, I hope I'm not late to say Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

PMR results day.

Yeap, PMR RESULTS DAY, TODAY! The day we waited for so LONG! So long.
Woke up pretty early to go to my school, geez.
I looked like a nerd when I was wearing my school uniform.

So how's my feeling?

Excited, happy, I can't really describe it now. :D Thank you, everything. Call me a nerd :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh shit!

Okay, you guys realize every picture in my blog become to Photobucket, Get Pro Today? A...yea, I've exceeded the photobucket bandwidth :/....THIS IS STUPID. So I checked the website and they said I need to wait until next month only my pictures will my fine, GOSH, want me to wait til January 2010? This is just simply idiotic... So I guess I got a few choices

a) Post less thing every month
b) Pay to get Pro...
c) Create one more Photobucket account.

Well, I guess my only way is C. This is stupid lah! :/ THIS IS STUPID!!! D:....

Anyway, I going to Thailand, like few days later, and the day to get my PMR result will be very soon, thinking bout just make me crazy...geez. So this is a pretty short post. Ciao.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 1st Part-Time Job #2

Okay, before you read this, if you haven't read PART 1 yet, CLICK HERE.

How's your holiday?

So the searching for my first part-time job at OU, is basically A FAILURE.
So I decided to join my "uncle that actually works at KUMON, he said maybe there is still vacancies for part-time teacher.

And you guess it, I got that JOB! :B
RM5 per hour, I guess is quite worth it. My reason of finding a part-time job is not to meeting friends at OU Shopping Mall, not to gaining crap fame, not for looking for hot chicks, not for NOTHING.

Just simply want to get MONEY & get rid of unproductive & boring life. That's all.


Basically, my job is just to mark & mark & mark...:o, sorry for the ULTRA BLUR picture :/. It is not really easy at first cause I was quite blur about the marking system. Gosh. :/

My boss actually gave me THIS LOT TO MARK, geez. It was pretty scary experience I tell you.

Well, I also mark till the whole hand into RED & BLUE pen ink. :o See! How hardworking I was!

So basically, my hols is about KUMON marking, kena scold by my boss, mark until the whole hand red and blue, sit until got backache, yeap. Pretty fun I say. :)

Going to Thailand soon! I'll miss you guys!

Comment & Follow. :) Jinwei sign off.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My 1st Part-Time Job #1

Well, few weeks ago, my friend (TS) & I went to OneUtama, look for our FIRST PART-TIME JOB!

I guess we actually went more than this. But I just can't remember, anyway, see the RED X
? The explanation there means it's already impossible. Most of the shop/restaurant want 16 years old & above, but well, I am still not 16. Gah...

The other without RED X means we filled in a job form. :) *but it was pretty wasting time & useless.

There's also some funny moment when we looking for job.


Mr. Sick?
Me and TS were laughing out loud when we saw that, Mr. Sick? Like seriously?
We were in a dilemma when we want to call that Mr. Sick, because are we suppose to say
"Hello? Is this Mr.Sick from Wxxx xxx?"


Funny Moment #2.

We went to the famous restaurant, Gardens. But I didn't expect the chef there actually want to interview us.... and I was pretty


When the chef asking us QUESTIONS & QUESTIONS, I was speechless...and AWKWARD...somehow. Maybe its our first time...gosh. Thinking bout that day make my heart pump faster. Geez.

Well, conclusion for that day.



We couldn't find any job.

I'm going to write

My 1st Part-Time Job#2

in my NEXT POST!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank YOU ChurpChurp! :)

Guess what?

Remember my ChurpChurp post? >> CLICK HERE
:D Yes, finally won something.
Well, maybe you will think like RM100 is like so little. But it means a lot to me, maybe more confident in joining all this random contest in this Internet world? :)
Kay, just a short post....I am going to post about my FIRST PART TIME JOB in next post, stay tuned! :B

Thank you churpchurp :)
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