Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011

MAMA2011 was yesterday! It was definitely an awesome and wonderful night!

First let's see the winners of the night :D

- Album Of The Year
- Best Male Group Award
- Singapore's Choice (Most Popular KPOP artist in Singapore)

SNSD // Girl's Generation
- Artist Of The Year
- Best Female Group Award

- Song Of The Year (I AM THE BEST)
- Best Vocal Performance Group Award (LONELY)

Baek Ji Young
- Best Female Solo Singer Award
- Best O.S.T. (THAT WOMAN)

And a lot more awards!
(Hyuna, Beast, Huh Gak, BigBang..........)


YB Starting Performance

LANG LANG + BEAST + TroubleMaker

I can say this is one of my favourite performance of the night, so much drama inside. If you haven't watch it, here's a spoiler, the sexy HyunA float up from a red colour bed and had a sexy dance with Hyunseung.. AND BAM! They kissed!


The performance is upbeat & totally sexy by Koda Kumi! Awesome

Will.I.Am + Apl.De.Ap + CL

Performance by 3 of them (Will.I.Am + Apl.De.Ap + CL) definitely heat up the crowd! Really meaningful song & amazing :)

Jane Zhang Liang Yu

Jane Zhang Liang Yu's performance I must say was the best vocal of the night! *CLAPS!* Unbelievable voice!!!

Miss A

Miss A's performance using Kung Fu as their theme simply amazed the crowd & people in front the TV! Awesome dance, I wonder how long they trained..

Ulala Session

Their performance started with a very touching story about Ulala Session, their performance is full of power and energy which makes me very touched cause one of the members has cancer. Amazing.

Kim Hyun Joong

He dance like man? :D One word: COOL!


SNSD's performance starting with epic background effect which makes them looks like goddess. Truly saying, I don't really like it. 1st is because there's a lot of mistakes, and next is I don't really like how they make The Boys into some disco club beat which makes the whole performance feel very cramp together.

Super Junior

Super Junior's performance wasn't bad at all! It's really nice to watch(especially for girls), well, good job for them! :D


2NE1's performance starting with Lonely is simply inspiring, then to their I AM THE BEST with upbeat dance. Really good job for them and also Park Bom which was sick but still insist to sing. :D Good job (is just that I had high expectation from them due to last year's MAMA)

Dr. Dre + Snoop Dogg

DJ KOO Ending

Well, basically this is it. MAMA 2011, Music Makes One.

Happy Birthday to both my brothers. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New look, brand new starting!

A brand new look for my blog! :D OHYEAH!
These days, I've been so inspired by little things in life.
So I've decided to make a brand new look to my blog! AWESOME :P

I really love my friends. Not lying, I've been always thankful that all of them are there beside me when I needed them (I guess....). My life will probably be a different story without them.

Gosh, this not suppose to be an emotional post...But after watching & reading You Are An Apple Of My Eye, I am really inspired and got a lot of thoughts about life...

What I've learnt are..
1) Be thankful
2) Be cheerful
3) Life is too short to do stuff you don't like
4) We're only teenage once in our life, make it wonderful & fly up high.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Never been so touched for so long.

Just watched You Are An Apple Of My Eye <那些年, 我们一起追的女孩>

The story is more to Taiwainese 90's High School life. So it's a bit different compare to our Malaysian High School life.

1) The teachers there are very strict! O_O

2) Students that time are more free & open minded?

- The 打手枪 part. [IMAGE to extreme to be here]
- Not wearing anything at home

But, this movie shows the beauty of teenage life. Which all of us have with our friends. ;)

I must say, this year been a beautiful year for me...
I changed.
And everybody can see.
6 months ago, I was a European Pop guy.
Now.... I am a KPOP freak.
Such a huge change. Guess I need to thank for all that, they changed me. Damn.
This year again, need to thanks my friend, to celebrate all our birthdays, cause we're only 16 once, we did not wasted all our teenage years.

I don't think I can say much, the movie is awesome, I want to watch again. 18 and above hah. ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


[Before I start the post, I need to state her that I have no offence to other fandoms. It's just my opinion, please to take it too hard]

As you know, MNet Asian Music Award (MAMA) 2011 is coming VERY VERY SOON. Which is 29 November 2011

This year, the competition for every catogaries are very fierce. Well, for me, I'm totally supporting 2NE1. The votes in MAMA 2011 by the fans has 20% for the results, whereas 80% depends on the proffesionals. Although it's only 20% but that 20% is definitely very important for everyone of them.


1) Ears, not eyes

Well, I agree that a music video can really make a song better and more famous. But the thing I disagree is you like a pop star only because of the look then to their music, well I have a friend which is like this, see face, don't see music.

For me, there's nothing like "OMG! That girl look hot! What Kpop group is she from?! I wanna listen!!!" No, and never, this never happen to me. I guess I am a person that look deeply and not just appearance.

Appearance good, music sucks, BYE BYE.

2) They really work hard, again.

This year with their hit song, I AM THE BEST

Then their cartoon music video HATE YOU

Then to their inspirational song UGLY

Then to Park Bom's powerful vocal solo DON'T CRY

Then their emotional song LONELY

Then their different side of LONELY (Japanese Version)

Then to the colourful and very powerful song GO AWAY (Japanese Version)

Last year, they released 4 music videos (which is already amazing)

This YEAR.
So basically for their mini album 2011 with 5 new songs and 1 old song (Renewed version), there is 5 freaking music video for all the new songs!!! Not forget their different version of music video for Japanese Version. :O That's fucking amazing okay! AMAZING. Can really see their hard work that's why they can achieve such good results in music industry now.

3) Undeniable stand out from others.

What so stand out bout them? A lot.
But first and foremost, I need to talk about their music style.

When they first came out, the music they brought is fresh and catchy which much elements of Hip Hop, Pop and a bit of Rock. These elements are rarely found in the girls group in KPOP industry.

Most of them are in genre of pop with cute, sexy, seductive, innocent and aegyo style in their music video. (Once again, I am not concluding all the KPOP girls group, I am just saying a lot of them, no offence to other fandoms, but feel free to comment bout my post too.) I'm not saying that these aegyo and cute style is BAD or WRONG, is just that it's not my style much for a girl group when there is 2NE1.

4) Their songs GOT MEANING!!!

I realized one thing in the KPOP girls group, which is I can't find any meaning in the song!?! (I'm not saying all of them yo!)

So let's talk about the song like The Boys by SNSD, okay so I searched the lyrics, basically it's saying bring the boys out, all the boys want their heart, they going to bring up the heat. Well, something like that, there's not much deeper meaning inside the song.
But when you compare to song by 2NE1 like Ugly.

It say
I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me, just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty, don't lie to my face cause I know I'm ugly.

For me, this is real music. Music should be inspirational, should be powerful, should be meaningful. At least a little bit.

Just like Lady Gaga, her song like Born This Way, won so many awards in EMA. Why? It's because it gives people power and the song inspire people. Inspiring and meaning of the song put at number 1, then only comes how nice the song sounds like.

So yeah, that's one of the reason I think 2NE1 should be voted.

5) Their song somehow reflects people nowadays, including myself

Why I say this? Well, in their I AM THE BEST, they showed how confident and how strong there are. But in UGLY, they showed the unconfident but the inner power that wanted to release themselves from the invisible box. Then, in LONELY, they showed people nowadays how cold we are, how lonely we are in our daily life.

It's just that they somehow reflects us, it's not fake, it's real.


So after all my long explanation... It's pointless if you guys don't vote, so....

Vote now before 25 Novemeber! Quick! NOW! NOW! :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

T-ARA - Cry Cry (Ver. 2 & Ballad Version) // KPOP Weekly Review

Before I start the review, let me tell you guys one IMPORTANT THING!

YES! Vote 2NE1 in MAMA2011. There are nominated in 3 categories, which are Best Female Group, Best Dance Performance Group and Best Vocal Group. They need you support

Vote NOW at

(PS: Just simple create an account then you can start voting, remember to vote for every categories to complete the vote, if not it will not be counted! The voting closes at 25 November 2011! QUICK!!!)

Now back to the topic
After the dramatic Cry Cry music video by T-ara, they released 2 more version of music video, one is the fast pace one with dance, and another is the slower ballad version.

Haven't see the review bout the dramatic T-ara Cry Cry music video?

I'll first review bout their music video version 2 (with dancing)

Watch it!

The song is obviously nice and got a bit Mexico(or it is Spanish?) feeling, which is really different from their previous songs like Yayaya, Bo Peep Bo Peep.

The Cry Cry choreography is strong, powerful and catchy.

Wait, something is wrong with the English. :O
"Cry Cry, can't you see the music?"
Isn't it suppose to be "can't you HEAR the music?" Can we see music? Guess T-ara can. :)
Well, others are not bad, is well used.


The venue of the video..................BASEBALL STADIUM? Am I right? It's a baseball stadium with dark clouds on them! Gonna rain! RUN!

At the starting, it is this very holy music, which makes it very stand out! This is definitely one of my favourite part of the video. Look at the light behind! *Holy*

One of my favourite dance in this video will be the "ultimate body shaking dance"! :D Catchy and sexy

RATING FOR T-ara Cry Cry MV.2

Video: 5.5/10 (Since it is like typical K-pop video, not much to talk bout)
Dance: 7/10
Song: 8.5/10
English: 9/10

[I'm not professional in this, this is only my point of view]

Now let's move onto Ballad Version of Cry Cry

Watch it

Firstly, I want to say that I am really impress that T-ara got this idea to make 2 kind of version of music for this song. Really creative, really impressive. *Claps*
Well, this song is slow, I am not hater of slow songs, but slow songs sometimes just now my favourite. All I can say is this song is welly done. Not that bad too.


The venue of the video is only one I guess, not much change with the background which really alike with the Cry Cry music video version 2 places, but in a smaller spaces.
In the music vid 2, T-ara seems like wild and mysterious women, whereas in Ballad ver. they showed the sad and not that confident part of themselves. A BIG CONTRAST. Well, maybe not that big.


Video: 6/10 (It's simple & clean, I like)
Song: 7.5/10

T-ara did a really good job, congrats, and keep fighting :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm feeling sick.

Oh man, feeling so sick today.
Couldn't sleep whole night yesterday, woke up at 12am, then 2am again, then 3am again, then 5am again. Hard night. Hard night

Even now blogging I'm really tired and no strength, gosh.
Feeling scared and worried nowadays, about my health. Tell me, why, why, why.
Probably ate wrong stuff yesterday, and a lot of stuff that causes this.
I'm person that rarely sick, but once sick, it's pain, a of it.

I want to be positive, I don't want to be a pessimist. But I realise as a left-handed, my brain is more towards the sad and angry emotion. Why I am not a right-handed? Guess that's why my parents wanted to change my writing hand when I was young, but failed. Probably born this way.

Let's be positive. Been listening K-pop these days, guess it's because K-pop brings you into a fantasy world, not like European Pop, real and pain. I love 2NE1, been listening their Ugly, although it's a negative title but it has this kind of power that give me power to stand up against life hardship.

:) Let's go, don't stop. Till then.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

T-ara Cry Cry // Weekly K-POP Review

This week, we'll be talking about..... T-ara's Cry Cry!!! :D


Starting with their Bo Peep (Click here if you haven't watch) , then their Roly Poly (Click here to watch). I can really see their growing! :) Really. This video, Cry Cry, I must say that it is their BEST VIDEO till now. The music isn't that bad either. It's really different from Bo Peep which is like aegyo style & a bit of sexiness as the spice, this Cry Cry video has no dance at all, but totally in story base. I really love this kind of music video as you can see their sincerity & their creativity, well SM Town really need to learn this from them. :D

1) Music : 8/10
2) Video : 9/10
3) Creativity : 9.5/10
Here is my review and description about T-ara's Cry Cry MV.

Let's introduce main characters inside the video. :)

Let the story begin!

1) ChaSeungWon (Attashi), he's a detective. 10 years ago, he had this mission to catch the Head Of Mobster.

2) One of the helper of the mobster saw them.
3) The man then quickly catch one of the police to threaten Cha SeungWon.

4) He successfully get away from the police and detective.

5) After that, SeungWon found the head of mobster.
6) The head surrendered.
7) The head sneak a peak to the right and slowly move downwards. SeungWon thought that he wanted to take out his gun. SeungWon quickly shoot his head.

8) SeungWon was wrong. He wasn't trying to take a gun out, but to protect his daughter. Her daughter saw her father being shot, she was crying and shouting "father! father!"

9) 10 years later, SeungWon is still a detective, but with a new helper, name as Jiyeon.

10) Jiyeon is really a good helper, she helped SeungWon (Attashi) to take down bad people.

11 & 12) One day, SeungWon & Jiyeon found a new target criminal. Jiyeon used a camera to record a suspicious woman.
13) In a subway, Jiyeon recorded that the woman was pickpocketing someone's wallet.
14) Jiyeon & SeungWon didn't catch the woman immediately, they followed her after that. The woman took out the wallet and give it to a man and probably her husband. The man found that the wallet has no money, he was angry and used the wallet to hit the woman.

15) SeungWon saw that, he quickly hit down the man to the ground.
16) SeungWon acted like didn't what happened in the subway. He gave back the wallet to the woman. This probably means that SeungWon has realized that he should not do things without thinking after the accident happened 10 years ago.
17) In the car, Jiyeon & SeungWon are searching new criminals. Suddenly, SeungWon saw this paper which has the picture of the helper of mobster 10 years ago that ran away. He didn't want to do this case, because he was worry about Jiyeon, and afraid that Jiyeon will realised how her father died.

18) After that day when he saw the paper, he had dream about 10 years ago, when he accidentally killed head of mobster, which is Jiyeon's father.

19) That night, Jiyeon couldn't sleep. She went beside Attashi (SeungWon).
She said :" Uncle, you are not a bad person. I really want to catch the person that killed my father. Help me please.

20) One day, Jiyeon decided to buy a coat for Attashi.
21&22) She saw the criminal (the man), which she saw before from the paper. (She didn't know that was one of the helper of her father.)
23) She then quietly followed the man outside.

25) She was caught by the man. She then fought with the man but she lose.
26) She was then brought back to the man's criminal base.

27) The man was checking out Jiyeon's purse. He then found two pictures in her purse. One is when she was young with her father. Another one is with SeungWon.
28) The man then said :"Living for so long, I had came across with so many messy things. The one that killed your father is actually the one that you lived with. How messy is this!"

29) SeungWon then searched for Jiyeon. SeungWon successfully found Jiyeon.
30 & 31) Jiyeon realised it was him, SeungWon killed her father.

32) The man shouting Jiyeon to quickly kill SeungWon as SeungWon is one of the best detective in town. He was afraid that if he don't kill him, SeungWon will kill him one day later.
33) Jiyeon was frustrating & angry. But at last she didn't shoot Attashi, but the man on his shoulder/lower chest.

34) Police came.
35) The man (criminal) shot SeungWon. Then, they took Jiyeon away. SeungWon was left on the floor.


Basically this is what happened in the story. The fans are being hang there with a lot of mystery and question. Where are they taking Jiyeon? Is SeungWon dead? What will happen later?

And if you didn't know, after the music video, in the credit, the video showed beside is actually the teaser / preview for T-ara's next song call Lovey Dovey. Which is part 2 of this story. Part 1 really give a good job. Hope that part 2 will not disappoint all the fans. :)

Wonder Girls VS Beyonce + BrownEyedGirls

Wonder Girls released this new music video for Be My Baby. I was really excited but after I watched, I was like what? No creativity. It so alike with Beyonce's Single Ladies + BrownEyedGirls' Abracadabra. Yes, I know Wonder Girls got the same choreographer as Beyonce. But why they want to make the video so alike? Why they want to make this confusion? No offence, but just kinda not fresh for a music video any more.

Now, let's compare these 3 videos, Wonder Girls' Be My Baby, Beyonce's Single Ladies and BrownEyedGirls' Abracadabra.


What I want to mention is not bout their dances since they got same teacher, the dance look alike is okay. BUT! They fashion?!? What Wonder Girls' wearing are just totally same as Beyonce... I mean, at least wear something different so people won't say you copy. And! The video is MAIN in BLACK and WHITE (except some part), why they want to do that again?


See? Well, they also playing with the light effects just like Beyonce's Single Ladies... Fine..fine.

Isn't this very very obvious. Wonder Girls' Be My Baby, has this all black and white except for the NEON-ish colors on their costume, same as BrownEyedGirls' Abracadabra.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little bit too much, but is seriously undeniable that their music videos are very very alike. Sorry Wonder Girls.

Haven't watch they video? View it below.

Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Beyonce - Single Ladies

BrownEyedGirls - Abracadabra

Monday, November 7, 2011

MTV EMA 2011

MTV EMA 2011 was a wonderful one. :) Well, for me.
Why? Not because all the awesome performance, not because all the crazy fashion there, not because Selena Gomez as the host for MTV EMA 2011.

It's because....


Ohyea!!!!!!! BIGBANG finally make their comeback in such glory way after the issues bout Daesung's car accident and G-dragon's marijuana (drugs) case. :) This is definitely their year, they totally deserve this award. I mean, I voted for like 100+ times. :D They deserve this so much! Anyway, rumours said that Bigbang got 58 million votes out of 158 million total votes in the whole competition. I am not sure is it true, but it's AMAZING!!!

:) No offence to Britney fans, but this is TRUE. They won, totally :) So proud.

If you haven't watch this, :) watch it now

-Okay, let's talk about other things happened at MTV EMA Award.
The fashion was crazy. Performances were awesome, what I want to mention about is GAGA. Gaga totally owned this whole stage. She was in 6 nominees and she won 4. That's insane. Incase you didn't, I am also a lil' monster (rawr.)

This time, she brought a brand new kind of fashion to us, (she also wore this kind of fashion to Oprah's farewell episode)

Love this fashion really much. :)

Her performance for her latest hit, Marry The Night
Click here for HD version! (I cant post it here because the user blocked)

Then let's talk about LMFAO, one of the most famous pop group this year I guess, with their Party Rock Anthem then their Sexy And I Know It. They are pretty crazy.
Anyhow, their performance of Party Rock Anthem was not bad, just that the voice is not what I expected. Well, autotuned...

Then, JESSIE J!!! Her performance was dabomb~ :D Totally

:D Is not about the Money~~ Price Tag.

Totally awesome night. :) This is the list of the winners for every awards. Congratulations to Lady Gaga, BIGBANG, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Bruno Mars.

:) Once again congratulations to BIGBANG :), KPOP invading the whole world.

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