Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Blog Post

I don't want my blog to die, but I'm seriously busy, but still I spare some time for blogging (:
Oh yea, finally is weekend. :D Actually I got alot of things to blog about, let me list it out?

  1. Official 15
  2. Contact Lens
  3. Malaysia's TV show
  4. Random Art
  5. Food.

Yes! I wanna blog all about that. But where's my time? :(

A sneak peek without spectacles YAY! :D

Some awesome post in my blog! :D Feel free to read


Everyone's studying, DAMN

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KENNY SIA for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!


The Season 1 & Season 2 bloggers will be playing futsal one-on-one at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday May 21, 7.30pm! So who do I think the Blogger that can win is....Look at the title of this post :D


First of all Kenny Sia has a Fitness Center okay? He must be good in sport then only he open one right? Level Up Fitness. :D Cool right?

Secondly, he's a guy kay! Not being sexist but girls, futsal? I dont think they do sport except for Jojo! Sorry if I'm wrong but this is what I think bout the female bloggers like fourfeetnine, redmummy? Uhmm, I'm not that sure, can they play futsal? KENNY SIA, yeap!

Thirdly, Kenny got the power, you get what I mean? :D The ooze. The power. The *youknowwhatImean* right!

See? :D Xiaxue's pose? :)

And this! :D Get what I mean? He dare to do all this, so, WHAT IS FUTSAL? It's nothing to him right? He's crazy enough so this is seriously nothing to him kay.

SO KENNY SIA good luck in the competition! :D Believing you! WIN WIN WIN! :D

Project Alpha :D AT LONDON! With Niki & Xiaxue.
Episode 18!

Episode 19. :D

Episode 20.
They met Cheesie! :D One of the most famous blogger in Malaysia woohoo! CHEESE!

Episode 21. :D can't skate?

Okay, I shall blog lesser now. Damn, EXAM JIN EXAM!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Catch the Project Alpha bloggers at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday 21 May at 7.30pm!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Less Blogging. Exam is coming soon :O


An awesome post need an awesome picture to start the post :) Mind to myself.

Actually I wanna blog about the birthday got alot of things to blog about that day (:
But I just can't find the fucking wire. So I'm here to announce I will blog lesser cause my Mid-Term Exam is coming soon! D:, Disaster! Wait, I mean yeah! *We should always think in a positive way right?*

So this going to be a short, :) I'm going to blog lesser like a week twice or once? :D So yeah.
Exam is coming up, here to wish everyone luck to study cause there's too much stuff to distract us like facebook, blogger, and project alpha D:, so just keep holding on.

Oh, for people that didn't know this, it's my PMR year :) Wish me luck for this Mid-Term, it's still important right? :)

Wish I'll not be like her :D


Keep Holding On // Glee Cast

I like this song, meaningful, :) So this is what recommend to you guys Keep Holding On by Glee Cast.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


See the title? :)
Kay, what the fuck I'm talking bout, actually I wanted to update bout how I spent my 15, but I can't find the goddamn connector :( Can't upload pictures to computer, but after I watched projectalpha bout Cheesie, she gave an awesome awesome awesome BLOGGING TIPS!

-If you don't know what you wanna blog about just blog about cute animals & pictures.
Kay, so I'm here to express myself! Whee.
First of all, blog about crazy things I did.
I joined my school's Chinese Singing Competition. Actually till now I still don't believe I actually joined. That will be one of my craziest things I did this year, 2010.
Guess what and my friends (Shir, Ming, Steph) sang that day? What chinese song we sang? You will never ever forever guess it I tell! :D


卡门 (Habanera-Carmen)
You guys should watch the "real" version first until you guys watch our performance, which is in PARODY! :D By the way this is a Chinese singing competition so we sang in Chinese.

-Real Version-
Angela GHEORGHIU - Habanera - Carmen

-PARODY version!!!-
Jin, Ming, Shir, Steph -卡门 (Habanera-Carmen)

So what you guys thing about the crazy PARODY :)

Oh man, :) Good memories. So guys, WE must do something crazy in our life, never let it just gone like this. CRAZY.PLAY.HAPPY.
Oh by the way, today is Mother's Day, well, my mom is currently outstation. But still, Happy Mother's Day to every awesome super MOM! :D

PS: I'll blog bout my b'day as soon as possible. (: CIAO

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Officially 15.

Well, lots of thanks I need to say today, (:
Smile, Play, Fun, Dance. :) Probably won't forget today, it's awesome. Thanks to everyone that wished me directly, or indirectly or whatever, cause you guys are all awesome today.
I know sometimes I talk quite mean, I talk so straight foward, and hurt some of your feelings. Well, forgive me. (: I don't what to say well, thanks all the wishes, laugh, prez, and all.

This year is awesome year? I don't know yet, well, it's kinda a good "starting" for this. Well, want to know who actually wished me face to face earliest today? (: Thanks Mariah. *sounds like this post is for you, BUT NOT! :D* Kay, and still thanks to everyone that wished me, want me to list it out? Kay no problemo! (:

Pei Ling
Jia Ern
Hui Peng
Hui Yien
Adrian Loke
De Quan
Yong Quan
Yan Yu
Jian Wei
Jia Tian
Zhen Ruan
Wey Yen
Ziar Xuan
Stephanie Kiew
Ming Shan
Sze Phing
Jian Mae
May Yee
Jia Hui
Yip Fay
Kelvin Lee
Ying Jun
Hui Yee
Chee Fai
Man Him
Zhen Earn
Sean Tee
Justin Fong
Zhang Phong


Just tell me if I didn't add you in, I'm not a god or what kay. Ciao.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lady Gaga VS Cheryl Cole?

Lady Gaga, the most famous pop music singer in the world now. I mean who don't want to be like her? So I found out something not really cool bout a singer call Cheryl Cole.

This is Cheryl Cole's album cover, when I first saw this I was like ... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? And yes! It looks so alike with Lady Gaga's album cover! Album 99%! :/ Is it just an accident? Or is it a copycat? I have no idea, but why not we compare their videos. (:
Let's start the battle!


Sitting on a chair, with a weird pose. Starting with lots of people in WHITE AND BLACK

Sitting on a chair.

Yeap, a lot of people but in BLACK


Weird costume, with a crazy mask cover the face.

Dance with the dancers with a with cloth covering face.


Dancers surrounded her, in RED

Dancers surrounded her, IN BLACK



Kena torture face. Oh, this is Lady Gaga not Cheryl Cole, wait, they alike? OMGiez.

Cheryl Cole, well, not really kena torture but yea. :O Can recognize which is Lady Gaga which is Cheryl Cole?


I walk alone.

Fine, we walk together.

So tell me is this a NGAM NGAM HO(accident) or is copycat? Cheryl Cole copies Lady Gaga, or another way round? :/ I can't say anything, but I'll still keep supporting Lady Gaga.

Nevermind, why not we enjoy both their music, 3 Words by Cheryl Cole, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, both songs are totally not the same. (: Got pros & cons for both. Like both. With Lady Gaga's catchy lyrics, and Cheryl Cole's power that can make you addicted to that song.

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

3 Words - Cheryl Cole

Boo. nightmare?
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