Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Yes! By ChurpChurp! :D Maybe you will ask me, what is ChurpChurp?

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I'm a Churper, you?

Who says Malaysia don't have Tornado?

If you see today's newspaper, maybe you can see the latest news bout Tornado in Perlis!

I remember when I studied Geography in class, they say our country is one of the lucky country that will not encounter Tornado. *I guess*

Pantai Klebang, Melaka (2008)

Pretty scary huh?


Perlis (Yesterday)

A lot of buildings were destroyed. D:

The world has change, as the technology advances, the worse the earth will be
. When inflations happen, people has to suffer with the raise of price range from oil to flour.
How could we say better technology brings better life to us? Perhaps this is just an illusion where people can't seem to get over it. We can't leave without internet, handphones, fridge, airconds and so on. They bring us convenience along with their destructions. Radioactive, thin ozone layer, pollutions, what more can they destroy? Later, they bring greed and selfishness among people which leads to more wars. More wars lead to more death. More death leads to more suffering humans. When will this stop? Not in a million years time. Maybe living a life as a caveman isn't a bad thing after all...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's sexy?

Don't you think so? Honesty is almost everything. We should always be honest to everyone, even strangers, and this will become a circular chain, everyone is honest, and everyone is sexy. Because HONEST = SEXY . Right?

This one is obvious. Naked =/= Sexy . Cause mentally sexy = overall sexy . :)

So....what's your definition of sexy? *feel free to comment in this post, I'll be ultimate happy*

By the way, FEEL FREE TO GO TO MY GRAPHICS + COMIC Blog! :) By clicking the picture down here, it is awesome!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A new blog just released!

YES, Jinwei just created a new blog.
As you know is a personal blog :)
Then I created , then what's in that web?

See? How colorful it is! :D IT IS A GRAPHIC BLOG + COMIC

So what you waiting faster go and see! By clicking the small icon below.. CLICK IT :D
Support...thanks! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jinwei presents you, RANDOM ART


HEY PEOPLE! :D Jinwei has a new idea. Again! Know who is Natalie Dee? Feel free to visit it.
I love her blog. So after I read her blog, I found it interesting, so I feel like doing something like that. :)
So TADA! My first random art. :) A BEE. Drew it on 24/10/10 (JiaTian's birthday)

2nd random art. :) Happy Halloween!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paramore came to Malaysia!


How I actually get the awesome tickets?
-HITZ.FM , thanks you! :D
I've got 4 tickets so I in
It was really an awesome night.
Well, invited Zhen Ruan, Jia Tian, Regine


We reach there like 7.30 pm? It was already crowded like hell :O, *by the way, this is 1st time Jinwei go for a concert*

Well, before the concert start..which was 8.30, there was a band called Y2K *I guess*...they rocks? :D But we just want Paramore.


We can't actually get awesome pictures from our seat's angle :) This is already the best one.

JIATIAN! :D We took alot of un-glam photos

The whole thing ends....1 hour 30 minutes, WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE. I already miss Paramore already, Hayley Williams is awesome!

VIDEOS of their Performance last night

That's What You Get // Paramore

It was an awesome night. :).

Hayley Williams : You've been suck into the Paramore family, and you can't go out anymore, this family is forever.

Friday, October 15, 2010



It is so late to post about MTV awards 2010, but I'm still going to post about it anyway.

Collaboration: Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce, Telephone

Female video: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

Male video: Eminem, Not Afraid

Hip-hop video: Eminem, Not Afraid

New artist: Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, Baby

Pop video: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

Rock video: 30 Seconds to Mars, Kings and Queens

Dance music video: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

Art direction: Florence and the Machine, Dog Days Are Over

Choreography: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

Cinematography: Jay Z and Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind

Direction: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

Editing: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

Special effects: Muse, Uprising

Breakthrough video: The Black Keys, Tighten Up

Video of the year: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

LADY GAGA won 8 awards? That is really insane! :O
Is like eat all the rendang ayam during Hari Raya without leaving it to the others!
Oh, and Justin Bieber got the Best New

Anyway. I'm really exciting to wait for Lady Gaga's new album -Born This Way. :D

I think she's going to change her style again. :) And it will be weird..and COOL! Cause what she
wears is like you can't imagine. Is out of the box. Just like the meat costume... cool?

So what will she wears in the next album? I can't imagine it at all

Tuesday, October 12, 2010




PMR finally over. :)
It was definitely a hard time for me. Well, I'm not good in academics, I guess? :)

How I feel now? Happy? Gila crazy? I guess I can't explain.
But who cares...FORM3's life is going to over, that means.....form4 life, here I come?

Feel exhausted, tired, but I am still here blogging. :)

I feel like blogging something, but I guess I can't think of anything..
Well, I will just thanks all the people that helped me in PMR? :)

- You can just search it all by using this website lah!

- MOST AWESOME BAHASA MELAYU (BM) website I ever seen! :D Awesome karangan, awesome everything!

-Gives a lot of exam tips....yeap, quite useful :)

-A lot of FREE exam papers inside this awesome web :)

5) Last but not least, ALL MY AWESOME.CRAZY.SMART.nerd. FRIENDS! :) You guys are awesome right? PEACE YO!

So well, ciao peps. Good night, and big balls.
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