Sunday, November 21, 2010

Genting TRIP

Went to the NOT-SO-FUN-BUT BOLEH-TAHAN Place last week, Genting last week (14 - 16 November). :) Well, conclusion for that trip is it was awesome & fun. Well, we obviously we need to have fun if we go for a trip hor? :D

Okay, let's go back to the story.

Day 1 - Day 3.

I remember Corkscrew was the first ride we play.
See the mist? :D
I tell you, Corkscrew, (or we love to call it COCKSCREW) WAS AMAZINGLY AWESOME!
Well, I like thrill rides.

We also played the Sg. Rejang thing, which made us WET. :O

And also the MINE TRAIN! It was FAST! Per ride is like less than 1 min I guess!

And not to forget bout the AWESOME FLYING COASTER, :D Paid RM10 for this. Quite worth for first time. But the ride is freaking smelly. Is like the handle is smelly and it stinks...But the Flying Coaster, which we call it Spiderman cause of its red & white patterns, was FAST, THRILL, EXCITING, AMAZING!

The Bumper Boat.....Errr.

Second Day, we went to the Snow World, which was like my second time inside.
But I actually forgotten how COLD inside.

FAKE SNOW. :O. But I never see real snow before...hehe.
It was FREAKING COLD, I bet everyone was. It's not that worth after all, we were like in and out, in and out.

Took an awesome group picture, (for your info, this is a school trip to Genting) :)
Spot MEH! I'm yellow! :D

We played archery....Was fun. :D

We also watched Midnight movie, Perfect Wedding.
Well, maybe I wasn't use to Midnight Movie or whatever, I was really tiring that night, and felt like sleeping in the cinema. Well, it was kinda funny. :)

Conclusion for this Genting Trip, it was pretty fun

But after the trip, well, I feel kinda emo, I don't know what but Genting Trip, one of the best memory this year. :) Ciao.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maroon 5 .

I love Maroon 5 because their MUSIC STYLE is simply fantastic and original. They created a new style in pop music, which we can easily recognize their own music.

CLICK HERE to join this contest too! :D Just a few simple click, and a bit imagination, and that's it. All done, just wait for the results! :)

I want the ALBUM! Whee.

Follow my blog peeps! :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Advert: Crazy Bout CHEESE?


So you want me to prove to you?
Here it goes.

If I order something like Fried Rice with Cheese or something like Chicken Chop with CHEESE toppings, I will definitely call them to put EXTRA more CHEESE, cause it is so freaking awesome. :)

Oh, I dreamed bout CHEESE...

So can you see how much I♥CHEESE

And thanks to Pizza Hut,
Pizza Hut is now having a BRAND NEW PIZZA :O

Oh, GUESS what? They having 6 types of Cheeses in 1 Pizza! (Monterey Jack , Parmesan , Mozzarella , Cheddar , Provolone , Romano

That's insane, ahuh?

Do you know what's the history of this pizza? If not, let me tell you!

So this is how the pizza was made...Interesting huh?

so me and my friends went to the nearest Pizza Hut to have a try cause I can't stand the temptation of CHEESE! :D *And we felt hungry that time :) So let me bring you to the wonderful world of CHEESE! :D

This post will definitely makes you hungry, SO, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE HUNGRY, scroll down like VERY QUICKLY to avoid seeing the pictures! :D

Ready or not?

The MENU - Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza, we ordered a set

1st come the mushroom soup :)

Garlic Bread. :) Dip with mushroom is the BEST! :D


This is a poser picture. Honestly. Pose with the cheesy pizza.

Spell with me, C-H-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-ESEat!

Ah!!! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE! :D See?! Awesome. It is so tasty...I miss it already, wanna eat again.

Isn't it beautiful? :) Are you feeling hungry now? It seriously taste really GOOD, I MEAN it's better than BEST! Woohoo!

Well, did a cute and random comic video, :D WATCH! Use a lot of effort in it~

CHEESY VIDEO :D from jinwei0506 on Vimeo.

Maybe some of you will say DON'T EAT CHEESE! IT'S FULL OF FAT! NO BENEFITS AT ALL.
Well, now I will prove you wrong!

See? We just need to eat in a suitable amount! :D
OKAY PEOPLE, let's go to Pizza Hut or use your phone to call 1300-88-2525 , NOW!

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If I had a Rapunzel Hair...

It was definitely a good day for JINO. A perfect one.

Suddenly, a holy left hand came from no where. Jino was suprised! The left hand was really really HUGE!
Then, the hand used his magical drawing power. He started draw, draw, and MORE DRAW on Jino! :O Jino was afraid, AFRAID!

Poof. Jino suddenly got a 70 feet long Hair. Which is like 21 metre. :O Imagine it!

After a brainstorm, Jino has some ideas to do with his 70 feet long MAGICAL HAIR, just like Rapunzel's one!

#1. First (Rockstar)

He thought of being A ROCKSTAR! ROCKSTARS need LONG & COOL Hair style to be famous right? Don't believe me?

TADA! :D Agree now? To be a superstar or a rockstar, first is your HAIR! See! Lady Gaga's insane hair style, Tokio Hotel's bombastic hairstyle, and last but not least, Sailor Moon's hair! It's long and COOL, I guess that's why they are ALL FAMOUS! In the WHOLE WORLD!
So, Jino had an idea to DYE and CUT a cool hairstyle to his hair...AND SEE! He's a ROCKSTAR-A-LIKE now! Right?! :D

#2 -SWING!!

Yeap, Jino actually used his hair to tie and play swing, that's just insane by using his hair! :D

#3- Get into the "Winniess" World Record

Jino got into Winniess World Record by his 70feet long hair, which was roughly 21metre!

And guess what? Jino got LOTS of $$ because getting the LONGEST HAIR in the world AWARD in Winniess World Record!!!

#4- Jino's own Character in STREET FIGHTER

So, because of Jino's Rapunzel long hair, he got his own Character in Street Fighter! :D He met Chun Li too! His character's special characteristic obviously his hair lah! Well, he earned lots of money here :)

But, a thing there is a positive & negative side, since Jino get FAME, CASH, FORTURE, but there was also some NEGATIVE SIDE of having 70 feet LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG HAIR! :O Well, let me tell you here what's the negative side of Jino's HAIR.

#1- HEAVY!

His hair was REALLY HEAVY! REALLY REALLY HEAVY! SEE? A snail was faster eh! It's ridiculous HEAVY!!!

#2- LOOOONG time to comb!

Jino said his hair was seriously LONG like hell! He probably needs the whole day to comb his hair so he can look neat....Imagine you use the whole day to just comb hair? Very fun right? :D

#3- LOOOOOOONG time to wash

Jino actually set a schedule to wash his hair, maybe a 70 feet long hair is not really a good thing huh? Half a day to just wash 1 SECTION! :D AWESOME HOR?!

#4- People thought JINO was a Ghost pop out from MOVIE
Jino's hair was so long, until people thought he was a JIN(Malay means Makhluk ghaib) that pop out from the movie...especially when he wear his light-bluish pajamas.
When you see this, what's your first reaction? I guess you will probably shout or run away right?
See? D: Jino was seriously felt very guilty bout this eh!

So, Jino made a conclusion,

HE decided to..........


BOTAK is still better...

So before it end this, let see some random picture of my hair. -.-

SEXY BLUE? :D It is not by photoshop! :D Isn't this nice? Or is this cacat? Depends on how you think. Well, I think this is like the best hair I ever had in my life till now.

:D. Okay, so actually I like my short hair :D whee. I still LOVE my short HAIR, NOT RAPUNZEL Looooooooooong hair, it will be ridiculous heavy eh!

#CONCLUSION: I will cut my Rapunzel Hair...cause I LOVE MY SHORT HAIR :)


DON'T miss out this MOVIE! :D It will be awesome whee!

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