Thursday, December 26, 2013

Miracle in Cell No.7 // Movie Review

Miracle in Cell No.7, watched this movie few days before Christmas.


For you guys that love family, sad, comedy kind of movie, with a heart warming plot in it, this is definitely a recommend for you guys. This is a pretty amazing movie which bring tears to my eyes. It is basically about a father with intellectual disability, and a loving daughter. He was caught by the police due to an accident which is not his fault. Not going to spoil anything here, it is truly one of the best movie I have watched this year. Truly amazing.

Definitely recommend to all of you! :)

Movie Rating: 9.0 /10.0

Tuesday, December 24, 2013



The outcast Kai (Reeves), illegitimate son of a British sailor and a Japanese peasant woman, joins a group of ronin, led by Kuranosuke Oishi (Sanada), who seeks vengeance on Lord Kira (Asano), a ruthless man who killed their master and banished the group. The ronin embark on a journey with challenges that would defeat most warriors.


So basically I watched this movie few days ago, before that I was so intrigued by its trailer.

This trailer showcased its variant colours and epic shots and graphics in the movie.
But after I watched it, I was pretty damn disappointed to 47 Ronin this movie.
Well, this movie is expected, is like you can see what it is coming at the end, (well it is based on the history in Japan last time anyway). Besides that, the line for the actor is a little too cheesy, seriously. I mean.... well, to be honest, if they change the language to what the actor can speak more fluently, I bet the movie will goes much better. Not to be racist, but the way they acted it just a little awkward. Another point, the story plot just feels like there is nothing to be grasp to the audience, the twist is not epic enough, the cinematic is not well planned. Sorry. The graphics of movie definitely takes my breathe away, but just not the plot. Oh well.

On the other hand, I was really hyped up by the fact that ZOMBIE BOY - Rick Genest acting as Savage

But wow, his scene is not even longer that 5 minutes? Good job! He even has his own poster, wow.

Movie Rating: 5.5/10

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk - 아직도 난 (Still You) // KPOP Review

Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk - 아직도 난 (Still You)

SMTOWN releases a very artistic and beautiful music video start with a vintage shooting with blurry filming.

It is filmed at United Kingdom, which is a beautiful country full with culture all around.

Then the video continues with a split half screen which both left and right side beautifully shoot in an artistic way.

Which also includes DongHae and Eunhyuk walking and posing all around in UK.

Looking at all the shots, I must say the director really did a great job in creating the atmosphere for this video Still You.

Really beautiful!

But there's a very light storyline / plot in this music video.
So let's start

EunHyuk trying out a fashionable hat.

He dropped the big hat on the floor without noticing it AT ALL. Cause he was texting or something.
Well, technology kills.

Then Donghae found it on the floor.

They met each other out of sudden, Donghae helped EunHyuk to wear his hat.


Song: 7/10 (Light and simple :) )
Video: 7.5/10 (A simple and light video, but really showcased the culture in the atmosphere)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lady Gaga Artpop Album Review Part 2


This song itself has this very SPACE feeling, which undeniably is quite catchy to me. The melody and lyrics combination just gives a hybrid, artsy, fluid feelings. Just like sex in the ears. ARTPOP ARTPOP ARTPOP. The soft way she sings in this song really represents how she wants the album to present to her fans, a combination of art and pop. Her Artpop could mean anything.


When she first announced the name of this track, I know Gaga is going to do it again, using weird name for her tracks, which she nails it every single time like Lady Gaga's Telephone, Hair, Teeth, I mean who will think of using all this weird object to make it into a song, a metaphor. This track, Swine, really stand out in her album, at first I thought it's going to be more a rock ballad, but instead it's actually combination of rock and pop dance. I really loves the way she sings it so hard as if she puts everything to it, and the moment she squeals like a pig, it is definitely another music culture shock! :D In a nutshell, this track is catchy and has amazing beat!


This song reminds me of Beautiful Dirty Rich. But this track is pretty awesome too, I like the bitchy way she sings this song which makes you feel like a boss! :D Donatella!


Oh my god. The starting of the song is SO GOOD! The starting makes me feels like a fairy flying in the air, through the clouds, poof~ Looking good and feeling fine! The part really sounds damn awesome! Just makes me feels GOOD AND FINE! :) Then there is a slight transition in the song, with a slow 80's feel but also mixture of Gaga's style. This song from the starting to the end the feel just keep changing, a really fresh kind of genre from Lady Gaga, it is not rigid, it is fluid, awesome :)

Mary Jane Holland

This song well, I can't really say it sounds good, mmmhmm, not that hate it, just don't like it? If that make sense, well, just feel that this song is a bit cluttered compare to others, too much elements inside, can't really handle it. Well, maybe not my taste.


Dope. It was actually Wanna be with you at first, but changed to Dope, maybe this title is more catchy and makes people think more. It is another Speechless, You And I in this album. To be honest, I think Dope is not as good as both Speechless and You And I, well you may say you can't compare to both song, it is different. The melody is serious and really expresses her thoughts and feelings. She stripped of everything in it, just her voice and piano. It is beautiful, just think that it is not as good as some of her ballad.


First when I heard this song! I was DAMN! This is her BEST SONG in Artpop album! It sounds like Hair in her previous Born This Way album. But it is different in a good way, I think that compare to Hair, the lyrics is maybe not that strong and appeal to me, but when the chorus struck, this song just blossoms into rainbow and shooting stars. This track also really proves that Lady Gaga can sing, her vocal is amazing. Besides, I love when she just randomly sings out all the name of the country like I don't speak German but I try. Which include the word Malaysia too! :) Awesome song! Love it!


This song is for all the Little Monsters, the appreciation for all the love and applause which let Lady Gaga grew throughout her music journey. I think this song is awesome, but maybe not the best in her album. During her various performances, she used different approach of performances to this song which really gives a fresh breath to the music industry.


I think Artpop is another approach of Lady Gaga to present her music which really goes back to more of her Fame album days. But in my opinion, Born This Way album still the one album which really stole my heart away, it's an amazing album. Artpop is great album all in all, looking forward to Lady Gaga's artRAVE tour!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Lady Gaga Artpop Tracklist:
1) Aura
2) Venus
3) G.U.Y.
4) Sexxx Dreams
5) Jewels n' Drugs
6) Manicure
7) Do What U Want
8) Artpop
9) Swine
10) Donatella
11) Fashion!
12) Mary Jane Holland
13) Dope
14) Gypsy
15) Applause

So let me start reviewing the tracks step by step :)
The first track which is Aura


Basically when I first heard this song is when it was leaked out, first heard, I didn't really love it. It was actually more like a culture shock, never knew that this kind of song can actually exist. As it reach the lyrics of "Hahahahahaha...." It kinds of creep me out at first. But this song slowly grew into me. This song has a really sick beat, which really give an exciting music experience to the audience, literally eargasm. I love the feel of the song, well, Lady Gaga always do well in shocking her fans. This is no exception. But just one thing about this track is that I actually love the leaked version more than actual version of Aura. Oh well, but overall, Aura is really a good dance party song. Oh and it sounds like the new version of ScheiBe from Born This Way album.


This track Venus definitely give me another "song culture shock". The sudden transition of the song was kind of awkward at first, but just like Aura, it sounds better and better after I listen to it. I love bold and strength Lady Gaga used in this track. It kind of reminds me of Judas. My favourite part of the song is definitely "Uranus, don't you know my ass is famous!". All in all, it is not bad, but I think it will disintegrate as time pass.


Well, this song, it doesn't really struck me like Aura or Venus. Not that I don't like it, just that I feel like this song doesn't make me feels like listening it again and again. To be honest, the abbreviation for G.U.Y. (Girl Under You) doesn't make it for me either, just unnecessary I guess? Well, just my personal opinion

Sexxx Dreams

I know a lot of little monster love this song. But again, it doesn't struck me as hard like Aura and Venus. Maybe this kind of genre like Alejandro is not really my thing. But I think Gaga actually did not a bad job in this song, but just not my thing.

Jewels n' Drugs

Hmmm... how should I even start this. In Lady Gaga's tweet, she said her favourite song is Jewels n' Drugs. I put quite a high hope to this song. But wow, like again, it gave me a shock, Gaga singing hip hop?? I don't know, it feels out of place in the whole album, not that I hate this song, but I feel like this song doesn't really stand out like some other of her songs, feels odd that Lady Gaga doing hip hop. This is just my own personal opinion.


The 80's/90's feel of this song just sounds amazing. This song manicure I think is pretty awesome. Manicure!

Do What U Want

This song is R&B which is really different from her style. To be honest, this song is OK, but just not as awesome as some. In her interview this year, she said her thoughts about Do What U Want track, this song actually means a lot to her, and when she think using R&B as the music of the song track, she actually wonders if anyone will take this song serious or not. I feel that this song lyrics can be pretty amazing if she make it something like "Marry The Night", first heard that song, it doesn't really make me think of any deeper meaning inside, just "Do what you want with my body", but after her performance at Alan Carr, it actually gives me another thought and view about this song, the performance was glorious and amazing. She showcased her amazing vocals, which really wows me.


Friday, December 13, 2013

What your coffee says about you?

Are you a coffee addict?
What type of coffee you love the most? Is it Americano? Latte? Or Espresso?
Or you are just like me, not sure how to differentiate all these different type of coffee?
Now, I will reveal to all of you these different types of  coffee! :D


This is an awesome way to explain different type of coffee!

But did you know your coffee actually tells what kind of person are you?

So are you  Coffee-to-go? A Frappuccino? Or a Mocha?


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EXO - Miracle in December // KPOP Review

EXO is back with another fantastic music video!

EXO - Miracle in December (Korean Version)

To be honest, I was really blown away by the vocals of EXO's member Chen, Baek Hyun and D.O. which 3 of them play the role of vocals in the group.

In the music video, it is probably saying during Christmas Eve, all of the EXO member are preparing for the night to meet their the other half.

Which also include this cute poodle puppy!

Adorable puppy!

Exo's Sehun.

Kris showcasing his talent - DRAWING

Song: 9.9999999999/10   (This song is beautiful, which can bring tears to the fans eyes)
Video: 7.5/10

To be honest, it has been the third comeback for EXO this year. I feel like they didn't really have the time to breathe. SM Entertainment has been investing a lot of money on them (Just look at all their previous music video.). I do feel guilty to wait for their comeback. They have been working so hard every week, which do bring pain to some fan's heart. All in all, really hope they will be success as I feel that they really do deserve the fame and the fortune with all that they sacrificed.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pokemon X & Y - 6th Gen. Nintendo 3DS Announcement Trailer Analysis

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Trailer!!!

Watch the official Pokemon 6th Generation, Pokemon X and Y Official Gameplay Trailer!

Official Announcement by Iwata from Pokemon

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y  is releasing on October 2013!
What do you think about the new 3D concept?
Which starter Pokemon is your favourite? The Firefox? The Chestnut? Or the Frog?
What do you think about the legendary Pokemons? I love it definitely!
Comment below and tell me more about it! :)

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