Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Seriously, how can I count in the 1st day? O_o...
I am still a newbie, and what you expecting?
5 secs to give you everything?
yes, I know I am slow (: hah?
well, I going to try my best,
so I won't screw up this job...
by the way, why you people want so MANY drinks ah?
AND remember, I am still new in it...
need to remember so many stuff...can't you all just...CHILL?

exam, shit....what to do? I haven't study leh...

for your information,
you must remember one day...that is happy! :D

waimun wanted to look at the awesome-st school album... they are, they are, pray they can put my design into the school album this year...SO you all can see the real design :D

CLICK to view

they are copyrighted (:...please do not copy

Monday, April 27, 2009

Phantom of the OPERA

the title is so random, it reminds me about the exam :X


damn cool, saw this in (:
Samuel Morse b'day :D

trying to make simple animation in GIMP, so...
tadaa, my first simple animation...:D
sweat right? heh......repeat is my first creation, you know?

f.y.i. Xinning's house is a HOTEL!!!
what is after crazy? BIG...

I am like O_O? omg? is this....a house?

当司机 搬东西 帮你开车门
随传随到陪你逛街 希望你认真
你跟别人晚耍 叫我在家楞
喂你的哈士奇 还听他说我笨


不想当你的玩偶 玩偶 玩偶

送你礼物鲜花 帮你修电灯
带你上山陪你烤肉 还解不了闷
每天每天痴等 是我太迟钝
想做你的情人 可是感觉像光棍


不想当你的 玩偶 玩偶 玩偶

在你的指间 No
玩偶 玩偶 玩偶

u know this song is for who...stop controlling the others, cause no one want to be your 玩偶 .

Friday, April 24, 2009

maybe,just maybe



I am crazy about the school album cover....seriously, why am I like that?


my designing sucks...sometimes....


damn tired loh..


the malam bakat audition is going to be before exam?
OMG, die loh.....what time can we train? not tomorrow, not today, not the day after tomorrow

so? when?

cause I got tired of waiting


Monday, April 20, 2009

kem pentauliahan 2009

woo...I'm damn tired after the camp...
well, now this is something about the awesome camp (:

I'm in Renie's group, the group members are...
Renie, Zhan Phong, Rachel, Rebbeca, Bryan Chan, Jia Yi, Eunice, Yee Eng and me!

first day, our group screwed up our dinner, lol, but it's ok lah
well, then we need to memorize damn lot stuff, then blah....
*phew, my group don't have night watch that night, if not, I die loh*

next day, the exam...oh shoot, I screwed up my PC...:(
I only get 5.5/10
oh...I also screwed up Tali and Perkhemahan
Tali i got 6/10
and perkhemahan 5/10...:(

well....I got 10/10 for Komunikasi, was easy xD
and 4.5/5 in Alam Sekitar!!!

9.5/10 in ikhtiar hidup!!!! AWESOME!

love myself! hah

Malam Kebudayaan,
our group was awesome,
Phua Chu Kang...!!! for Group 4, the first group that went out to perform
I am Chu Beng~~ the sissy one...
I didn't did my best on the stage...):....well, the sketch still fine,
was easy and funny...

King Kong: I come here to find a work
Chu Kang : Here no work, outside got work, here office!
King Kong: oh....I mean I come here to LOOK for work.
Chu Kang : Oh, take a seat
King Kong: *take the chair* take to where?
Chu Kang : no, no, no, I mean sit down!
King Kong: ohh~ say earlier mah!
Chu Kang : I am going to FIRE you!
King Kong: how can you fire me if you didn't even hired me?
Chu Kang : OK! I will hired you so I can fire you!!!

want somemore?

Ah Goon: *carrying a plasma tv* WAH~ Boss you so lucky ah! win plaster tv
Chu Kang: not plaster tv lah! is PLASMA TV!

and blah blah blah...not going type here

then we had OBH(Operasi Burung Hantu)....was ok, quite fake, okkk.....but still, AWESOME

Third day...
well, the pencergasan fizikal was ok, I passed all, but I only got 6/10? weird,,,

and the teori was hard, I can't finish...stupid me...
last test, THE MARCHING!!!
when Zhan Phong lapor masuk, was damn funny....he accidentally said to Chong Yean
ZHANG PHONG: Selamat sejahtera tuan, saya kadet putera Ooi Chong Yean *used his hand to slap his face Oh SHIT!

-_-" don't be so nervous
I got 39/50 for marching....ok lah

the moment....
Best Kadet Putera: Man Him *spell correct?*
Best Kader Puteri: Rebbeca
Best Kumpulan : Group 9 *waimun's group*

actually, I seriously wish my group can get best kumpulan, well, nevermind, causeI think our sketch is the best? right? eh...wait, AJK's sketch was better! haha...
congrats to all 2009 LANS

waimun, Hui Yee, Zhen Wei, Chee Wai, Chee Fai, Man Him, Renie, Sean Peh, Crystle*spell correct again?*, and blah blah blah :)

2009...kem pentauliahan. part of memories

Monday, April 13, 2009


The ting tings- SHUT UP AND LET ME GO

Shut up and let me go
This hurts, I tell you so
For the last time you will kiss my lips
Now shut up and let me go
Your jeans were once so clean
I bet you changed your wardrobe since we met

Now oh so easily, youre over me
Gone is love
Its you that ought to be holding me
Im not containable
This turns up
Its not sustainable

I aint freakin
I aint fakin this
I aint freakin
I aint fakin this
I aint freakin
I aint fakin this
Shut up and let me go

Shut up and let me go
This hurts, what I cant show
For the last time you had me in bits
Now shut up and let me go!
For fear of living in regret
Ive changed since from when we first me

Now oh so easily, youre over me
Gone is love
Its me that ought to be moving on
Youre not adorable
I was something unignorable

I aint freakin
I aint fakin this
I aint freakin
I aint fakin this
I aint freakin
I aint fakin this
Shut up and let me go

Oh, love
Hold this


Shut up and let me go
This hurts, I told you so
For the last time you will kiss my lips
Now shut up and let me go

this is quite irritating first time i listened, but after I listen more,
it is AWESOME....(:

haha...maybe not that....

still doing a blogskin, i want SIMPLE n clean blogskin, but it is hard lah~!
so? any idea?

anyone took my GEOGRAPHY nota???


Friday, April 10, 2009


created some header for anis, click the link at the left to view anis blog

before~ this is so lame
BEFORE...boleh tahan lah


and I love this picture xDDDD....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

so busy and pissed

omg(Oh my green), I am so damn busy larh

Firstly, the geography is like laptops got stupid babi cina

next, the science model competition, I don't want to waste my money lah,
I wanted to buy an electric stuff for it (a bulb , wire, and all those stuff)
it cost RM10, so F**king expensive.....and all those stuff...
it will like cost me 20 bucks ++

so pissed right now...):....what should I do?

by the way, to diabolo people, I think we should start training next week....:D
Pn. Gan said our performance last year was like...O.o pissed -_-"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


kay, so I went to MY MUN just now, actually kay lah...
nothing to write....

BOLA TAMPAR!!! quite boring....
btw, is like so damn expensive, RM10 for 1 lesson...stupid right? RM180 for 1 year!!!!
join badminton better....):
hey? I want my mun to have more treasure hunt, and xhange my mun to my TREASUREHUNT
...STILL cant online,):

-KH thingie
-Science model

need to wear KRS boots tomorrow? shit lah so heavy ):
all the things are like BANG together,, and I don't have enough time to finish it ):

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