Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat!

First of all,
What's sweat?

When your body gets hotter than 37º Celsius, which is the best temperature when your body works, your brain doesn't like it — it wants your body to stay cool and comfortable. So the part of your brain that controls temperature, sends a message to your body, telling it to sweat.

You're biking up a hill, pedaling as hard as you can. You're almost there and — what's this? Your back is all wet and so is your face. Don't sweat it — it's only sweat! :O

Sweat is a great cooling system, but if you're sweating a lot on a hot day or after playing too hard you could be losing too much water through your skin. Then you need to put liquid back in your body by drinking plenty of water so you can prevent dehydration. But the worse thing is, SWEAT IS STINKY TOO.

Sweat isn't just wet — it can be kind of stink too. But the next time you get a whiff of yourself after running around outside and want to blame your sweat glands, hold on!

Sweat by itself doesn't smell at all. It's the bacteria that live on your skin that mix with the sweat and give it a stinky smell. And when you reach puberty, special hormones affect the glands in your armpits — these glands make sweat that can really smell.

For this awesome post, obviously can't continue without my graphics eh ;D

D:, What should I do?!


-Cooling protection against perspiration
-0% Alcohol



The deodorant states that it has 3 components to make it what it is, which I assume is the '3' in the product name.
Action 1) 24 hour against perspiration
Action 2) Fights body odour and keeps you fresh
Action 3)
Its unique Action Absorbent complex absorbs extra wetness.

You certainly do not want to be walking around with unsightly damp patches under the pits, this gives the impression that you have bad personal hygiene.

The deodorant works very well by preventing perspiration and by keeping you smelling fresh. It does seem to absorb sweat as when you put this on, sweat is minimized. It's a fantastic product and lovely to use so I would highly recommend it. The spray function is excellent and the actual spray does a great job.
All in all, this is a pretty good product from Adidas. It is not startlingly different in any particular way, but I have found it reliable and effective at holding off perspiration and keeping away unwelcome odour. As such, I have no problems in recommending it.


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