Saturday, July 25, 2009


lalalalalalalala, (: i've no time to update (i still can't online, damn)

BLITZERZ...i know, i am damn late

i ve nothing to update,
just wanted to ask,

do you all want to have DIABOLO performance next year MALAM BAKAT?

pls leave a msg of what u think (:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

life without online ):

my comp still can't online, so that's why I can't update that OFTEN..
urgggg.....still haven't finish the damn layout for koperasi....... this is damn stupid
let's talk about the MALAM BAKAT last night....
one word

(: this year's performances are so so so so NICE!
don't you think so?
well, sad for the people that cant go yesterday /:
all participants did well that day, good job :D
everyone just crazy last night~ (:
will have a GOOOOOD update after my house online is fix...(:
good job diaboloes (: u all did well last night!!!!!!!!!!!
happy belated birthday to: TAN JIAN WEI


i wan to online ;/

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


my house's comp stupid liao! CANT ONLINE! DAMN~
well, I am updating in school ):
all the pictures of Blitzerz, koperasi, class is in my house's comp... ushhhhh
by the way, I am using TASHA'S comp, so.....yeah~~~~
isn't that awesome?
will have a complete update when my house comp is fine, and the people that want me to link them, just leave your URL in my tagboard, i will link you later (:


I am just somehow crazy about BLITZERZ!~!!~!~!~~ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~
okay, stop, this is a stupid post cause I am updating in school. ):
MALAM BAKAT is coming and EXTREME DIABOLO is dying......srsly, not kiding


Friday, July 3, 2009


don't tell me if I am dying, cause I don't wanna know

who is going to win cheer 2009?

no need to say, obviously BLITZERZ~!

they are going to ATTACK (:

the green blue one(pirate) represent blitzerz
the grey red(ninja) is one represent dynamitez
found this in

I feel like not that semangat this year, know why? NO SHOUTING Oossh!!!
so please people! IS TOMORROW weih! SEMANGAT (:
we are blitzerz, we are sorry cheering too loud, KAY?

okay, let's talk about what happened today...
hari temu mesra, damn shit, kena marah...cause my position is 24, damn
and my blitzerz supporter shirt is size S!!? Can anyone exchange with me? I want M!
I begging Andrew Gan man, i need M ):...srsly, S can't fit me
my hands are itchy, feel like designing something (:!!!

to anis: i am kinda busy and lack of imaginary, so....will design your header..LATER (:

credit to Ashey (: I look damn fuuny in this picture, srsly, go to ashley's blog to view a bigger size *o_o*

I wish you were there, (:

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