Friday, January 29, 2010

(: Wash Your Face, Makes You Fast

I should blog about this like few days ago, but I was too busy with some stuff,
eg: Train for marathon (it's only 2km -.-), busy photoshoping (I don't like photoshop), chinese yoyo choreograph O.O
Okay, chey, I still have some time to wash my face ;D

This was what my mom use to wash my face :O

A nearer look

Damn lot things right? ;O

And this is what happened when mix the blue powder with water? I think :)

Too bored, so took a random picture ;)

Know what's my conclusion?
Wash Your Face, Makes You Fast.
Cause I've got a medal in the marathon, woohoo ;D
Found out that lots of people use me to compare with themselves.
Eg. Jien-Vei: WTF lah! Jinwei can get the medal, and me leh?

Is that a compliment or what? -.-
Most of them thought I'm noob, but finally, I prove to them, I'm not :)

And the Hari Sukan, one of the most important event in SMKBUD4 is coming soon, well, kuning didn't make a awesome start this year, but you will never know what happen later. ;) So yea, go Yellow!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Is a Nuffnang Post Again (:, I like it.
This is a post about something I like it LONGER.
Top 3 most creative posts will win an LG Chocolate phone (BL40) worth RM2,199 each.

This post takes quite a LOOONG time to load,
but wish you can enjoy this LOOONG post eh ;D

Lots of people thought LONGER that means something concrete.
But first time I saw this contest, I didn't thought of something concrete but it's Abstract.

So you guys wanna know what I like longer?

And YEA! It will be my Secondary School Life!!!
And guess what? Secondary life leads me to TWO IMPORTANT THINGS IN MY LIFE.

Graphic Designs


YES! Nuffnang & Graphic Design! This is a picture I did last year for Christmas, it's the 14 awesome things that light up my 2009 life! And you can there's a paintbrush, that means Graphics, and you can also see Nuffnang in angel version! ;D

Why I like It longer?

Nononono! Not that longer! I told you guys just now, it's in abstract! Is not the concrete longer! is Abstract longer!!!
I like it Nuffnang & Graphic Design .I like it even more every minutes, every seconds. It's longer than I thought.

Well, I'll start from Graphic Design.
When I was 13 years old. Still a form 1 guy. Well, I'm not so popular in the school. I found out lots of people actually blog in our school. And that time I'm still a *noob* in all this thing. So I had a try with Blogger. I still remember, it was only second month of my form 1 life.

I found out that the layout was plain that time. So I went to to look at some awesome layouts. Yes, I've found 1. Later on, I saw something more special than Pyzam, and it's , first time, I still don't understand whatthehell is HTML. But is like a magic, I can learn HTML Codes faster than I thought. And I had an idea!
I asked myself : Why not I try to design 1 eh?
And guess what? It's so COOL! I was addicted to blogskins fesign!

This is my first blogskin *it sucks* :X

Then how I actually walk into the path of graphic designs eh?
Well, I wanted to try Photoshop, but I didn't, I used GIMP.

Why I what to use it?
Because I wanted to improve my BLOGSKINS!!! ;D

And tadaaa, this is my first skin with GRAPHIC DESIGN.
Yes, I was addicted to GIMP again. And now, I like it LONGER.

Let's talk about Nuffnang.

When I started Nuffnang?
I was form2 that time. I saw my friends' blog had a thing call Nuffnang. I had no idea what is that. And I asked them. And I was quite shocked that Blog can actually earn Money! I was damn excited, after the school, I went to sign up for a Nuffnang account immediately!

Why I join Nuffnang and not the others?
This is easy. Nuffnang is near to me. MALAYSIA! I love Malaysia okay? Except for that, Nuffnang also provides tons of awesome EVENTS! Just like the Project Alpha Last Year, and it's coming this year! *Woohoo!*

Some Memorable Pictures I did for 2009 Project Alpha!!!

First Picture for Proejct Alpha (:


1 Malaysia~

His traffic. OMG.

I love this one! ;D He was so funneh!

RedMummy's SHOES!!! OMG! ;D RED!

Kenny Sia

Yeap, Project Alpha did teach me lots of things. (:

And also Digi Pimp My Day Challenge *Awesome!*


Our Awesome Group photo! The theme's "Cheerleader"! ;)

The Video by ©opyright group! Don't play play eh, this video won the Digi Pimp My Day Challenge Swatch & Digi Commercial Task eh~

And last but no least the movie premier contests! :D And now, I'm LG Chocolate Pgone Just Because You Like It Longer Contest! So who don't wanna join Nuffnang?

So except for Nuffnang, Graphic Designs, what's the other things that makes me like my secondary school life to be longer?

-Awesome Friends!!!

-Awesome age to join competition about academics & the others!

Joined 马华大厦的挥春与水墨画比赛

-Awesome activities in school!

Sports Day!!!

Talent Night ;D!

Pangkor Camp 2009!

Marching Competition in school! ;D

-Awesome "jawatan" I've in the school!

Selling things in koperasi $$

-Awesome Cheerleader team in our school! Won Champion for Cheer 2009! BLITZERZ!!!

So this is why I like my secondary school life until now // Why I Like It Longer
So cheer me up with a LOOOONG LG Chocolate Phone! ;)
OMG, just found out I still 3 years left to stay in Secondary School, omg, fast! :/ I want it LONGER!!!
LG, Life's Good. I believe

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine's Day

Yay~ Nuffnang is now giving awesome tickets for the Movie "Valentine's Day"

Warner Bros. Entertainment Company is now giving away 80 pairs of Valentine’s Day Premiere tickets for a 3 day advance premiere to Nuffnangers just by completing the following:

  • Pick a star cast from the movie (e.g. Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey, Taylor Lautner, etc.)

  • Write a blog post titled ‘My Valentine’s Day’ and share how would your Valentine’s Day be if you could be spending that day with that star!

  • Comment in this blog post with the permalink of your written blog post.

So for me, I will definitely pick Jessica Alba!
Hey, she was voted number one on AskMen' list of "99 Most Desirable Women" in 2006, and also the "Sexiest Woman in the World" by FHM in 2007. So which guy won't in love with her eh?! ;D She's awesome lah!

So how will I spend my day with her on Valentine's Day?

First of all she obviously need to come to our awesome country first lah! MALAYSIA!
1 MALAYSIA, full of colours, red, blue, yellow, white, just like an ice kacang :)
Talk about ice kacang, I'll take her to a stall beside the road and enjoy one of my favorite desert, ICE KACANG!

right? Ice kacang is colourful!

Then, I'll take her to have a look at our Malaysia Nature Beauty

Cameron Highland!
For first timer to go there, is actually quite nice (:

The awesome flowers, tomatoes, strawberries & also grapes! (I feel like eating them ;P)

After that, we'll "fly" to Genting Highland!

Let us have a ride on the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car called Genting Sky way! ;)

I'll take her to Genting's Theme Park to have some fun!

Although I went there for like 98462156 times, but still, I don't feel the bored at there (: It's always awesome, but need to queue up, ==, but I think if I'm with Jessica Alba, haha, everyone mesti make way for us to play!

Then Again, we'll FLY again back to Kuala Lumpur, the capital & the biggest city in Malaysia!

And we will have our awesome dinner 'above the clouds'. Revolving Restaurant!
This restaurant enables patrons to enjoy a panoramic view without leaving their seats~

Well, this is how I'll spend an awesome (how many times I used awesome?) day with Jessica Alba!

This movie is going to be awesome, I know (:
So wish I could get awesome prizes from awesome Nuffnang yea! (:
Treasure the one you love, treasure the one that loves you.
珍惜你爱的人, 珍惜爱你的人

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

/: Whatever.

So hey! Form3 live (15 years old) is kinda tough, (okay fine, I know form4 and form5 are tougher).
Well, this year 2010 start quite perfect for me I thought. Well let's go back to 2009.

Let the year book bring us there (:

See? The 2009 SMK BUD4 album. I have no idea should I say "GOOD" to this album, cause it's too perasan to do that.
I have no idea should I say "SUCKISH" either, cause the album cover is by me :/
But the important thing is,
WHY IS THERE NO CREDITS :/, seriously. Mad bout this.

See the difference between 2008 & 2009?
The thickness?...Well, you can see it yourself, it's obvious right?

Is it something wrong with the budget? I don't know but the thing is 2009 was a awesome year for me. But this album just make a tiny little black dot on it. Imperfect.
But well, I can't do anything now, it's already printed out. I believe what I believed.


: Is that a good news? wtf.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry for the long time didn't update-ness
Okay, so let's talk about what happened yesterday.
Woke Up early in the morning, it was 7.00 a.m, need to go to school for calligraphy competition,
at 7.15, *my phone ring tone* picked up my phone.

JINWEI : *OMGIE, i'm late, AHHH!!!*

ZHENRUAN: Where are you?!


So went to school in a rush.
When to 马华大厦 , go in to the hall and wait for the competition, I took both competiton (Calligraphy & Chinese Drawing), well, everything was alright, until we got the words we need to write for calligraphy. IT WAS IN 繁体 (the chinese words that are HARD TO WRITE FOR OUR GENERATION), but whatever, we still wrote with confident? hah, when I realized I write wrong, I was like shit, and just forgot about the calligraphy and just draw Chinese Drawing ;)

When I wanted to start my very first step of drawing, my heart was beating faster... BLAH, I used 1 hour+ to finish it. I thought it was just okay.

And tada, this what I drew, plum blossoms, can see the bird? ;D credit to Amber.
When the prize giving ceremony, I was like nothing, cause I knew there's only LITTLE TINY LITTLE chance to get in the lowest prize. And suddenly,

Tan Jin Wei! (in chinese)

Students from SMKBUD4 were like, WOW!!!! ;D Thanks people!
I got the 入选奖, the lowest prize eh, but still awesome.

At 3.30pm, going back to home, suddenly,

"My phone rang"

Jinwei: Hello?

Nicholas: Yea, we're from Nuffnang, and you're in the Digi Pimp My Day Challenge"


Nicholas: A..yea, did you received our email yesterday?

Jinwei: No, I checked my email, but I can't find any from nuffnang.

Nicholas: Did you check properly?

Jinwei: Yea, but I really didn't receive.

Nicholas: Okay, can you and your members come now, we'll wait for you guys at 4.00pm, okay?

Jinwei: *OMG* Okay Okay!!!

So this is what happened, to the people that don't know what the hell is Digi Pimp My Day Challenge

The DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge is an on ground challenge which will require you to work in teams of 4 where you’ll be given clues and tasks to complete inside a shopping complex.

This is one of our group pic!

I quickly call my members (Weyyen, Nicole, Wenqi)
And guess what, success! ;D All of us said yes, and we went to 1Utama Mardi Gras, (not allowed for below 17) ahaha. So the competition actually started at 2 something. But still alright, we told ourselves we are here for fun.

Firstly, we went to Mardi Gras, the once time experience for this year! Don't I can get into it until I am 17 ;D. So the first task was dance with poles? O_O, since we have cheerleader in our group, so we just used cheerleader dance, for me, I was just like a GILA dancing, but it makes the cheerleader dance looks better? :? haha

The next task, we went to Swatch. The task was make a commercial for Digi + Swatch. And suddenly, I've an awesome idea, I will follow swatch, and also digi too.... ;D *Song original by I will Follow You*

The lyrics is

I will follow Swatch,
and also Digi too!
Swatch gives you accurate time,
And Digi gives us broadband,

sorry, I was retarded.

;D That's just awesome for our group, guess what, we won this task for the best commercial. ;D
earned 300 bucks. (:

After that, we went to Quicksilver, I love their shirts & pants eh!
This task was take a group picture with we wearing Quicksilver products.

And tada, this our group picture, love it. Should be the best group picture eh! ;)

Next task, we went to Celebrity Fitness, it was my very first time to go in. ;D The task was run 800m, no problem for me, ;) can also train for marathon that is going to be held this year.
Saw Jeremy Tang there, I was eh, isn't that Jeremy? He just ignored us. Didn't do any warm up *we don't even have time*, so after everything, my legs were like : OUCH!

Then, we ran to Digi. the task was easy, but we're just lack of Digi website knowledge =.=

We didn't risk to continue the tasks after this, cause we need to get back to Mardi Gras before 6.24 and now it's already 6.10. And the last task, Blogging of course. We didn't took much pictures while the challenge, cause we didn't know we need to blog. eshh. Well well, guess what?
The Laptop I brought went black. it's dead!!!* ahh, in the same time, we were dead too!
=.= But still, awesome digi + nuffnang people borrowed us their laptops so we can blog in time.
Ahaha, Mardi Gras, unforgettable, people that joined know what I mean right? ;)


Picture with Audrey ;D, her eyes are big yea!

Picture with RedMummy, her RED is STRIKING ;D

Well, this will be the first time and last time for this year in Mardi Gras, ;) good experience.
the coke there is weird.

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