Wednesday, December 14, 2011

U-KISS - Tick Tack // Weekly K-POP Review

Nope, not tick tok, nor Tik Tok by Ke$ha.


Yes, U-KISS' Tick Tack, their new Japanese single.
U-KISS' MV is always wearing really handsome and with powerful & catchy dance moves. Well, this song Tick Tack, still can see that this is a U-KISS' song, with the catchy cloak dance + catchy music behind.

This MV, I need to say that the background they use this time is really better than last time (Ice cold background / railway station) CLAPS :D

I really love how U-KISS' Tick Tack dance looks like, cause they like separate into two groups which is really nice too see I say :)

SONG: 6.5/10
DANCE: 8/10
*What is "to lie, I shall be turning on the broken light?" and what is "To lie I'll never never never give" So.... 5/10. :)


Yes, I designed this, feel free to download and save as your latest FB pic :D

Friday, December 9, 2011

Going to be busy and fun!

Yes, going to be a busy but fun week! :D

Going to have a performance soon. Hope everything goes right. Not left, but right

Going somewhere to have some fun soon! It's going to be fun, dramatic, and awesome.

Well, happy holidays!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Trouble Maker (JS & HYUNA) - Trouble Maker // Weekly K-POP Review

When the teaser first came out, I was already excited and really want to see this music video

This music video is definitely the BAAM!!! THE BOOM, I tell! The BOOM!
On the youtube there's a lot of comments like

HyunA is so slutty! // I hate this video! // This is just too much....

Okay, what so ever, is actually how you view this MV. Yes, I know HyunA is a bit....*you know*, but she since her Change, Bubble Pop, she's already in this kind of style, and you can't deny that this kind of personality & style can made a lot of money & fame. So for all the haters, please think before you comment. :)

I shall start reviewing this video and tell the story & plot hidden inside.
But first time watched this video, I really can't see the plot, because there's too many *OMG, HyunA is too sexy* part that drive me away from the plot!

Well, just like all these parts

All these sexy hot HyunA & JS.

Okay okay okay,
Now let's see the real plot, sypnosis, hidden meaning, story line of this song Trouble Maker (HyunA & JS) - Trouble Maker.

They act like they don't know each other at first, but actually bouth of them are some spy/mafia which are enemies.

JS went to his hotel room.

HyunA the spy spying JS in her own hotel room.

In the phone, JS probably saying something related to killing HyunA as his mission.

That's why HyunA look afraid, shocked, and scared in the scene.

HyunA quickly stick her ear to the wall (JS room is next door) to hear whether JS go out from his room already.

HyunA then slowly sneak into JS room.

At the same time, JS sneak into HyunA's room (JS probably knows HyunA is spying him so JS tricked her to his room so at the same time he can go into her room.)

He saw HyunA's spying camera / machine and also HyunA's earphone. He realized HyunA was spying him all the time

JS saw HyunA is checking out his room through HyunA's spying machine which HyunA left in her own room.

HyunA saw a gun in JS drawer, she then took it out so JS has no weapon with him... (But it's not, JS still got another gun with him)

JS then took out a small camera from his pocket.

JS then hide his small camera behind the mirror in HyunA's room!
HyunA then went back to her room, JS quickly ran off in the speed of light.

JS then hide in another room without HyunA's spying hidden camera. JS then spying HyunA and see what she is going to do next.

HyunA is going to kill JS, she wants him to die before JS kill him.

JS then walk out the room like nothing happened, then HyunA is outside waiting for JS.

HyunA touches JS face, seducing him, pushes him to the wall, almost kiss him. (Guess the sex scene is cut? Huh? :D)
HyunA uses her ultimate seductive attack! to gain trust from JS so she can kill him easily later.

HyunA takes out a lighter and do an arrogant face to JS (You going to die today)

She threw the lighter to the floor (probably with oil).

But, JS has an extra gun with him which HyunA didn't expect at ALL?!... He pointed the gun towards HyunA.

HyunA did a shocked and innocent face...


The End.

Song: 7.5/10 (The whistle is really catchy!)
Dance: 8.5 (The dance is ultimately sexy & hot)
Video: 7/10 (Video is really nice but the plot is really blur due to all the hot & sexy dance)
I'm not sure whether this review is 100% correct, but I hope this at least give you guys a clue what the story is talking about in this song, Trouble Maker. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finding Myself

It's time for another personal post.
But if you don't want to read this,

Continue. (Going to be in Chinese YO!)
This holidays I've been reading 九把刀's novels.




我想成为一个很厉害的人, 让这个世界因为有了我而有一点点的
改变,而我的世界,不过就是妳的心 。




没错,他这话没有错。很多时候我们都回拖拖拉拉地,浪费了不能再回头的光阴,让人生感到很屌. 未来就是因为不可见才这样刺激吧?)





Thursday, December 1, 2011

IU - You And I // Weekly K-Pop Review

Watch this awesome 6 minutes+ video below! :D (+3 minutes credits, bloopers & extras)

I can say this is definitely my favourite song by IU, simply amazing!

Now I'll explain the plot in pictures form about this video, IU's You And I, the hidden meaning, the synopsis. :)

Then venue is actually the Grandfather's house, a very whimsical & vintage feeling. Probably her Wonderland.

Well, where's the clue that is actually her Grandfather house? Is actually the pictures hanged on the wall, one of the picture is an old man & a little girl which are her grandfather & IU.

In her grandfather house, there's this young boy (Hyun Woo) which is in slumber, and designed to wake up when IU reach 20 years old. IU currently 19 years old.

The thing is, IU can't wait till she's 20 years old, she wants him FAST FAST FAST~

There's a lot of clocks in the house, one of the most obvious is this, which counting down IU's 20 years old.

Since IU can't wait for her 20 years old, she started to create a time machine so she can quickly go to future.

She nonstop working for the time machine in the room... Keep working, NON STOP.

Then, there's a scene where IU is in a Fantasy Express, indeed fantasy (feels like Harry Potter).

In Fantasy Express, she sees her future with Hyun Woo. They are in love.

Time machine is done, but... the time reach 19.12.31....

19.12.31, which is the she reach 20 years old, which indicates....

IT'S THE DAY Hyun Woo wake up!!!

The machine started, IU is already inside the machine.

Hyun Woo wake up, he slowly walks to the time machine room... He only catch a glimpse of IU's face but IU has already gone, to the future to meet her love.

In the future, Hyun Woo went to a shop where IU is the shopkeeper, that time, they can't recognize each other at first...

But... he starting to remember, she was the girl that time....

IU's curious about him...

THE END... :)
They finally met each other...

This video indeed is nice and I really love the vintage & whimsical feeling. But the plot is just kinda too fantasy for me, but overall really good job for IU.

SONG: 8/10 (IU has a powerful vocal)
DANCE: 7.5/10 (I really love the clock dancing, really creative)
VIDEO: 8.5/10 (Really creative but a bit too whimsical for me)


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