Monday, June 2, 2014


During last week, 29-31 May 2014, was definitely life changing date to me, went to a wonderful journey to Dusun Eco Resort at Pahang.

It was a definitely a quick escape from the grey buildings, a great escape I say.


Awoke pretty early, 6:30am, rushing everything from backpack, shoes and more, then to Leon's house. Then from there to Rachel's and went to the EMUSJ.

I must say everybody seems nice and friendly there. :) Then off to the bus, the ride to the mountain didn't took that long as I thought, after reaching it,

It's the first time I join Youth Camp by EMUSJ, so it is a very fresh thing for me, during the ice breaking session it is opportunity to open up myself.

Then after that into the group, we are THE GREEN HULK.

with all the group bonding session, I was able to know everyone better.

Then move onto station games, it was fun, with different kind of funny games!
Guess what's in the box?
Follow what I do
Aim Your Eye (Basically is spitting a sunflower seed from your mouth and try to aim your eyes)
Pass the water (USING YOUR LEG)
Toss the PingPong (into egg tray)

Then after that there was praise and worship where singing and praying, I must admit, it wasn't that bored.

2nd DAY!

It was an extremely tired day!
There were Team Building Games (which require lots of teamwork and thinking in it) and also Obstacle Games (more of physical strength and self-confidence)

During Team Building Games, first challenge is blind folded passing ping pong ball, (:

Then after that basically each group need to have 2 blind folded, 2 cripple, 2 hand bind together, and others are normal. It's crucial who you chose as what handicap, as this will definitely be a game changer.

Move onto Obstacle Games,

1st CHALLENGE CLIMB OVER THE GREAT wall! Okay, maybe not THE great wall, but it's very tall. (For me at least.. :p)

Our task was to think of a way to get over the wall, but not only yourself but also helping the whole group. It was a tough one, but most memorable one!

 THE GREAT wall!!!

After that move onto the spider web which we can't touch the string, and the only way to pass through is to climb under the string, get all muddy! It's a challenge of preciseness, are courageousness.

Then after that was climb the string. Military style mud crawling. Balancing on a string with a partner.


Then after the first part of it, goes on to the so called 'playground' full with things to climb around. Sometimes we aren't able to achieve something alone, we need supporters, at the side giving us power to stand up again, to rise, and with a perseverance perspective to head on with your challenges, you will achieve success.

After it, we move onto Bamboo Rafting.
It's the first time for me making a bamboo raft.
 So what we use:  

Ready to see what we build? :)



It was dark, weren't able to get a good image so this is the awesome graphic version haha!

After that we went back to the canteen, small drama happened where the boy's dorm key was lost, so I was the only one late to go into the dorm before key lost, so weren't able to bathe, and I was like a lost sheep running up and down looking for the keys, but at the end, the committee was able to get it back, so yea.

At the night, before we sleep, the bonding session was good, was able to know everyone much better.

3rd DAY

It's a chill day, but also a sad day, last day camp, and the post-camp syndrome going to start I know at that moment.

After breakfast, it's the TALENT show where each group showcase anything, so we chose drama, which personally I think it's ok, but I was that everything turn out fine (:

End of Talent Show, and we go for the Sky Bridge, where we only walk on a rope, it's definitely an achievement for me, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCK!


So 3 days, pass by fast, like wind, those memories, those friendships, are the most valuable thing I've gained. It is a test of: 


Thank you,

 29-31 May 2014

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