Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HYUNA - Ice Cream // KPOP Review

HYUNA's Ice Cream MV is definitely a very VISUAL music video! So before the review, watch this video

Well as usual, Hyuna brings back her own style which is SEXY style. I was really excited to see how she's going to breakthrough her own record of Bubble Pop video, but wow, this video did wow me again.

There's a lot of sexy part which is:

Well, what else can I say this video is definitely sexy in the content. Who can resist it? LOL.
Now let's move on to the plot of the video.

1)Are you serious Hyuna? You just park you big ass ice cream car without locking it?
2) I got annoyed by the fake sound effect of the starting of video, eg: PSY eating ice cream sound, PSY don't give a damn sound, HYUNA act cute sound!.... Don't you?
3)I bet everyone realised this, how can PSY just in a car and suddenly the car just turned so big that can fit like 30 people it in?!

So the next part is talking that Hyuna banged a clown using her car! And SHE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!
Well, Hyuna can go to jail by this.
She think she pretty she no need to accept what she did? She literally killed the clown. Wow, Hyuna wow.

Then, she asked if anyone wants her ice cream, WHAT?! Seriously? First she was just a naive ice cream seller, then she was a criminal, now HYUNA is a stealer which steal other's boyfriend?! Hyuna.

Do I need to explain this? Hyuna seduced all the guys she met and just wow.

OKAY WOW WOW WOW! Why did Hyuna just squeeze all the ice cream out?! WHAT? And people enjoying it? I will definitely throw up and never ever eat ice cream again, it's so sticky! AND WHAT?!(#@!

SO CONCLUSION: HYUNA - naive, criminal, stealer, and a SL&T,

Not forget about how terrible the english is in this video.

What is too small for you? Wow.


Santa? What?!
Shell? or you mean ShAll.



So do I need to say much more about this video.
Let's just rate:
Song: 5.5/10 (Cream? Cream? Cream? Cream?)
Dance: 8/10 (The dance is oooh~ sexy, nasty!)
Video: ....... You rate for me....seriously.


SPM 2012 TIPS!

Hey guys! It's been a long time I've posting here, cause of SPM!
Yeap. SPM 2012 this year, and it has been a long journey, 5 years in secondary school. This chapter is going to end soon, and next year, I'll be stepping into a brand new journey. College life. Throughout this SPM month, I need to thank so awesome websites which helped me a lot in SPM.

First of all,

Berry Berry Easy

The chemistry notes in Berry Berry Easy is simply useful! It gives you extra information for a better understanding and also show you experiments in video so students are able to understand deeper and experience together! I love this website! :) THANK YOU!

Bank Soalan SPM

Bank Soalan SPM, like how it sounds, it has quite some trials paper from all the states together with the answers provided. So.. why buy new books when you can get it for free online? :D

Malaysia Students

This website is a very useful website not only for SPM but also provide students tons of scholarships for students. Besides, this web collected a lot of trials paper from other states. So feel free to go to this web :).


Chinwynn is a web which not only gives benefit for SPM students but also PMR students! :D It's a good website yo! Check it out!


2012 SPM Tips, first of all, I must say I didn't really follow SPM tips this year as I don't believe it and it seems to be not quite true this year, BUT, this facebook page not only give tips but also provide awesome notes from teachers. Very awesome! And the news always update regularly and always on time! Thank you! :)

Cikgu TanCL

Cikgu TanCL, he provided a lot of useful exercise and notes for BM SPM! :D I love it! Whoo~

Yeap, this year SPM has been a bumpy ride, and still can't believe when this ends, everything is going to end.... I'm going to miss this wonderful experience, I had gone through the ups and downs, and it still feel like yesterday that I was still a form 1 student. Laughter, tears, anger, everything. And I'll take away all the memories together with me. I know that as time passes, part of my memories will fade and maybe forever gone at the future, but just remember it's not forever gone, just hidden somewhere, deep, deep inside my heart.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got to go.

Yes, got to go for awhile, last term is here... very soon, my last chance to boost? Well, got to go, wish me luck, SPM, here I come.

Friday, January 27, 2012

T-Ara Lovey-Dovey (Zombie & Tokyo Ver.) // K-POP Review

Zombie Version

The story for this video is basically quite simple.
I'll just take it fast.
A girl went to a toilet in the club, then there was a zombie hiding behind.
The girl probably is the first zombie bite victim. She turned into a zombie.

Then the zombie disease started to spread into the whole club.
At last the dance (T-ara) also bitten.
At the end, the girl first bitten gave us a suspense that she's still a human, BUT no, she turned into a zombie already.

So this video, I like really much there are some weird parts though

So let's go through the 5 weird parts in the Lovey-Dovey (Zombie Version) MV!

1) Why is there a fence to protect the dances at the dancefloor? Is it because sometimes there are too many fans that want to chase the dancers?

2) Why are the dancers, T-ara still dancing calmly although there were 10329242++ zombies out there chasing for them? Aren't they suppose to be screaming and running around?

3) Why are they dancing? I mean no one is going to watch them? I mean zombies? You're performing for the zombies that going to turn you into a zombie? O_O

4) When zombies broke free from the fences, why are T-ara members standing so calmly on the dancefloor? WHY?! Were they thinking that it was actually a zombie costume party? What?

5) So why are T-ara's the most hot and sexy zombies there? WHY!!!?!!?!?

Last but not least, I feel that this video basically is quite good, but there's another weird part that the concept of this music video is very alike with LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem. Watch it here

Same zombie concept + Shuffling

Well that's my opinion, tell me yours :D
VIDEO: 6/10
DANCE: 7.5/10 (Catchy!)

Tokyo Version

Yes! I know I'm kind of late but still I'm going to update this, let's talk about T-ara's Lovey-Dovey Tokyo version. The starting of the video, take us into the high tech world of Tokyo, Japan. Then starting to show us their natural beauty & cute side, (eating together, play bowling together, clubbing)
and I personally really like how this music video, not only seeing their Tokyo trip, but also mixed with some real shots, seeing them dancing Lovey-Dovey like in the real club and all the lightings. These made the video not so boring, love it very much!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

T-ARA - Lovey-Dovey // K-POP Review

T-ara's Lovey Dovey is finally out on 2 January 2012! What I can say that this is really a very very FIERCE COMEBACK!

If you didn't know, they going to release 5 Music Videos for Lovey-Dovey which are drama, Tokyo, Zombies, Dance & Club version.

Recently, (30 December 2011), they've released a teaser photo for their Zombie version, Have a look!

Now let's talk about their DRAMA MV for T-ARA Lovey-Dovey

Do read my Cry Cry KPOP Review before you read Lovey-Dovey KPOP REVIEW!
Cry Cry is the part 1 of the story, whereas Lovey-Dovey is the part 2. :)

Watch the MV!

Total is 20 MINUTES LONG! (15 minutes MV + 4 minutes credits + 1 minute Tokyo MV Teaser)

Let's talk about the plot, story line, sypnosis of Lovey-Dovey by T-ara.

Jiyeon has gone through a plastic surgery because she was beaten hard before that, then Eunjung found her and took her to the hospital. After that day, she changed her identity to Qri.

One day, Eunjung & Qri were like normal hanging out at the club and stealing people's money. Eunjung saw a lot of money in a bag, she stole in while everyone was drunk and unconscious.

When Eunjung & Qri went back home, they found out that the bag wasn't containing any money but soft toys & dolls. Then they realised that in the dolls, there are hidden drugs in it.

Eunjung then called her friend in the club so that she can give it back to the drug dealer.

So she was outside ready to meet up with her friend, but then she saw the car window opened, it was the mobster, the man from Cry Cry.

He then kidnapped Eunjung, the man probably found out that the bag with Eunjung doesn't have any drugs at all (Eunjung probably wanted to cheat the drug dealer or maybe she thought the car is a taxi?), then he forced her to tell him where is it, then Eunjung gave him Qri's number. (The real bag is in the house).

Qri quickly go to the place, but before that she went to Attashi's stall. She showed her the "mission start" sign to Attashi, which makes Attashi realised that Qri = Jiyeon.

After that, Qri quickly go to the mobster cage to save Eunjung.
Qri gived the bags of drugs to exchange Eunjung. When Eunjung is released, Qri ordered her to leave immediately, this is probably because Qri wanted to take revenge to the mobster, she wanted him to die (watch Cry Cry if you don't know about it)

Then when Eunjung is out from there, Attashi called her (Eunjung leaved her phone number on Attashi's stall table).

Eunjung cried for Attashi's help to save Qri (Jiyeon).
Eunjung didn't manage to kill him, but being caught.
Attashi came.
Attashi saw Qri (Jiyeon) tied on a chair.

Then the mobster shoot Attashi from the back. Twice.
The mobster slowly walk towards Attashi, suddenly, Eunjung is back with a hitting bat, and she hit the mobster and quickly ran to save Qri.

Attashi then turned to the mobster and fight with him, then Attashi shoot the mobster...death.
Attashi is hurt badly, Qri (Jiyeon) quickly send her to the hospital, she was crying crying crying. Then Attashi slowly became unconscious... die.

Qri = Jiyeon
She drift towards the sea... slowly drives towards the sea. To meet Attashi in another world.


VIDEO: 8/10 Definitely the BAM of this year KPOP MV
SONG: 7.5/10 It's something like Roly Poly but more POP and fresh! I like!
ENGLISH: 10/10 The whole only got Lovey-Dovey, nothing misused. Well done T-ara :)
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