Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Ever thought of being a celebrity? :O, I think everyone did before right?
There's lots of way to become a celebrity, or what you call it, FAMOUS!
Just like,

Join all sorts of auditions, SINGING AUDITION, DANCING AUDITION, MODELING AUDITION, you'll never know what going to happen if you join an audition, you can be like damn famous just one day, like Susan Boyle! :O

I can't post her awesome video in Britain's got Talent here, all embedded disabled :/
So yea, I bet you guys can go youtube and find it! WHEEE~

Except for that, and and even FACEBOOK is a good place to make you famous! :O You know there's lots of parody in youtube right? And everyone loves it! :D

This is Telephone by Lady Gaga's parody! I like it :D

And there's some awesome people like KevJumba & TheAnnoyingOrange!! :O OMGZ! I LOVE THEM!!!

KevJumba, Girls are like M&Ms, most favorite video by him! :D


Why they can be famous?! Cause they are weird enough? Cause they crazy? Cause they are cute enough? The thing I wanna share is you can a Project Alpha TV Star! Which means you, Blogger, can be one of the Featured Blogger in Project Alpha Season 3! :D

Wait, what's project alpha?

Project Alpha is the country's first online reality TV series that gives viewers a look into the lives of Malaysia’s top bloggers and see firsthand, what makes them tick.

This project was inspired to give recognition to the growing influence and prominence that bloggers are to our daily lives. From candid and insightful opinions right down to the latest fashion and celebrity news, blogs are fast becoming a staple in our Internet diet.

Awesome right?
But What you need to do to get in this?
Firstly go to, the click on the Audition which is at the right center of the page, and click on Submit here

To submit your audition, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Join ruumz or login to your account

Step 2: Join the Project Alpha ruumz group!

Step 3: Upload your video into the 'Auditions' Album below

Step 4: Insert a title and a short description about your audition.
* Tip: You can also tag yourself to your video so that it will appear on your ruumz profile page

Step 5: To increase your chances of being selected, get your friends and family to "Like" your video

Isn't that easy?
And the best thing is
1st Prize
- 3 days 2 nights stay at 360Kuching Hotel, Kuching in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for 2 pax
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
- P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199

2nd & 3rd Prize
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
- P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199

OMJESUS!!! :D This is so damn awesome right?

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour Busted. :/

So I've been busy bout the Malam Bakat Chinese Yoyo now, to the people who don't know what is Chinese Yoyo, it's actually call Diabolo, a traditon game. I'm kinda frustrating bout it cause I not only need to care bout the Chinese Yoyo, I also need to care bout my studies, my blog, my everything :/.

So yea. But I know I shouldn't blame it to anyone, of course, not myself too. We should be positive, ALWAYS!!! :D

So, I've created some awesome sentences/words to cheer me up

1) Doo-ga-mi (Figure out yourself)
2) I iz awesomez :D
3) There's nothing else I can say!!! :D
Wish this can cheer you guys up too! By the way, I when to One Utama last night, which is Earth Hour time, and planned to watch a movie, but guess what happened, I've no idea what happened to GSCinema Compute system, something was wrong with it :/, so my brother queue up, but waited for like 30 minutes, the line still not moving whatthephuck?!

Here's some picture I took to prove it.

The counter not doing anything

The people were waiting.
So yea, that's why my Earth Hour busted, didn't watch any movie at last.

Oh, and I saw a random thing in OneU :D

and here's a picture to prove how HUGE is it! :O

-Not related-
A sneak-peek to my NEW SHARING BLOG. Which means that Awesome-Tutorial is going self-destruct VERY SOON!!! :O And some of the awesome post will be imported to my new blog, wanna know something bout this new blog?


That's all I can tell you guys, BANANA.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tips to save the earth

27 of March. 3 days later.

Our earth is dying. Everyday. So, why we still so stubborn, keep destroying like no one's business.

I like this picture (: Nice.

Turn off the light for 1 hour, can let the people realize that earth is really important to us. But, we must always remind ourselves to save the energy, it must be done everyday. The number of humans in this land is getting bigger and bigger, so, the energy we waste will be getting more and more. We should think in another way, if everyone of us sacrifice more, the energy you will save could be incredible.
I've heard someone said bout this, if you keep on and off the switch of light, the energy you will waste will be more. So, if you are just leaving your bedroom or wherever for a few minutes, it's not worth to off the lights. But if you are leaving for more than 1 hour, you should turn off the switch, save the energy!

Some tips to save the energy:

1) Put all the dishes, fork and spoon into a basin can save more water than open the tap and wash one by one.

2)Use a cup with water after you brush your teeth.

3) Use a tong to put water for washing a car than open the tap to wash the car.

4) Save the water while you using the tap, always turn off when you're not using it.


1) Use ceilingfans instead of the air conditioner

2) Turn off lights you're not using

3) Sleep your computer when you're not using it

4) Dry your clothes under the Sun instead of putting them in the dryer!

5) Switch of television/radio while you're not using it


1) Reduce - Use less, don't waste.

2) Reuse - Items are reusable, use it again, it's not for you to use one time and throw away!

3) Recycle - Let the cycle continues, start separating your rubbish today (:


Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat!

First of all,
What's sweat?

When your body gets hotter than 37º Celsius, which is the best temperature when your body works, your brain doesn't like it — it wants your body to stay cool and comfortable. So the part of your brain that controls temperature, sends a message to your body, telling it to sweat.

You're biking up a hill, pedaling as hard as you can. You're almost there and — what's this? Your back is all wet and so is your face. Don't sweat it — it's only sweat! :O

Sweat is a great cooling system, but if you're sweating a lot on a hot day or after playing too hard you could be losing too much water through your skin. Then you need to put liquid back in your body by drinking plenty of water so you can prevent dehydration. But the worse thing is, SWEAT IS STINKY TOO.

Sweat isn't just wet — it can be kind of stink too. But the next time you get a whiff of yourself after running around outside and want to blame your sweat glands, hold on!

Sweat by itself doesn't smell at all. It's the bacteria that live on your skin that mix with the sweat and give it a stinky smell. And when you reach puberty, special hormones affect the glands in your armpits — these glands make sweat that can really smell.

For this awesome post, obviously can't continue without my graphics eh ;D

D:, What should I do?!


-Cooling protection against perspiration
-0% Alcohol



The deodorant states that it has 3 components to make it what it is, which I assume is the '3' in the product name.
Action 1) 24 hour against perspiration
Action 2) Fights body odour and keeps you fresh
Action 3)
Its unique Action Absorbent complex absorbs extra wetness.

You certainly do not want to be walking around with unsightly damp patches under the pits, this gives the impression that you have bad personal hygiene.

The deodorant works very well by preventing perspiration and by keeping you smelling fresh. It does seem to absorb sweat as when you put this on, sweat is minimized. It's a fantastic product and lovely to use so I would highly recommend it. The spray function is excellent and the actual spray does a great job.
All in all, this is a pretty good product from Adidas. It is not startlingly different in any particular way, but I have found it reliable and effective at holding off perspiration and keeping away unwelcome odour. As such, I have no problems in recommending it.


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Music is my only drug.


Yes, she's back, with her brand new music video.
Wait for so long and now she release her crazy, insane, :D MUSIC VIDEO.


Lady Gaga - with her poisonous look.

Beyonce - she's funny & crazy in the video.


Hello, hello, baby;
You called, I can't hear a thing.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh…
Stop telephonin' me!

Can call all you want,
but there's no one home,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!

She is insane, she used yellow and black tapes to be her costume? INSANE! :D

The yellow of her hair, red of her lips, and with her black costume.
This is nice actually. :D

Not that I don't like you,
I'm just at a party.
And I am sick and tired
of my phone r-ringing.

Telephone as her hat. And you can see she wearing the almost opaque(transparent) latex suit :O

Sometimes I feel like
I live in Grand Central Station.
Tonight I'm not takin' no calls,
cause I'll be dancin'.

She's simply FUNNY in this video :D

This is a funny part of this video, ;D making the poison! The poisonous feeling.

Stop callin', stop callin',
I don't wanna think anymore!
I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor.

I like the outfit ;D, Patriotic!

Telephone // Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Lady Gaga is claiming her new video ‘Telephone’ is “groundbreaking” because she showcases different types of sexuality in the nine-minute promo.

“There are transsexual women and transgender women and suddenly it becomes poisonous and something else because there are some people in this world that believe being gay is a choice. It’s not a choice, we’re born this way.

“That’s why for me this video is groundbreaking because it has one foot in the art community and one foot in the commercial world.”

Did you pick up on that while watching the video?

The ‘Paparazzi’ singer promised Beyonce the video would become a classic. She added in an interview 2Day FM’s Kyle and Jackie O radio show:

“I told Beyonce this after it aired, you’ll see this video is not just great now but six months from now what this video will mean.

“Hearing people say the video is sadomasochistic or that the video promotes murder for young people, it’s my personal belief that the video is getting so much attention, not because of those themes because I’ve done those themes before, haven’t I?

“I’ve done those themes in many of my videos but it’s because it’s with Beyonce and it’s because there are so many homosexual themes.”

So, Lady Gaga and Beyonce both like women?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Graphic Life.

It's holiday, I'm too bored, so I used some Adrian's photo and upgrade it with GIMP, I don't like photoshop :/
SO,It's time to show off some awesome graphic designs. ;D


From this...

To this ;D

What I did?
I create a new layer with radial at the center, then change the mode to BURN, so it has this black outside and high contrast feeling at the center, then used splat dots brush and shiny balls brush too ;p.


From this...

To this! ;D

What I did?
Used a texture (right bottom side), and changed the contrast & brightness + levels of this picture ;D. GOD-LIKE?


From this...

To this! ;D I love this one!

What I did?
Changed the contrast & brightness + levels of this pictures. ;) And I blurred the background, so it has this zoom feeling. See? You can compare the up one with this upgraded one.


From this.......

To this. ;D Didn't change much.

What I did?
Yeap, I didn't change much. Just change the contrast & brightness. Plus the "like." and set the opacity lower. (:

Also did some graphic art, but didn't post this image up here, so let you guys see it now ;D

Groovy, colorful, vintage ;D

Vintage, elegant

credit (pictures): Adrian Loke.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

People now a day online so often, probably everyday. Online is a need in our life, for me, I can't survive without online, for one WHOLE WEEK!!! It's a torture for me. you?
We can actually get lots of benefits eh!
What is the benefit of online?
The main point is to get information right?
You can also makes friend in Facebook, release stress (games, music), earn $money$, and more & more, endless!

SO let's get to the main point, where the hell is your favourite surfing spot?
For me, since I'm still not working, obviously is in my own room lah!

Why I online in my room?
This is obvious right? You want privacy while you online.

Don't you feel uncomfortable when someone's looking at you while you online?
Is like someone looking at you while you drawing something, or there's a stupid mosquito flying around you while you sleeping and makes you awake, urggggggggh!

and here's a lame pciture.

Oh wait! And 1 more thing! when someone doesn't reply you in MSN! D:

So I like online alone, quite, no one looking at what I do ;D ehehe, don't think senget ah.
Other than that, hmmm, I also online in school ICT lab, but the speed is damn slow like a snail lah! And all the computes got viruses! D: Why people create virus lah! That's stupid agree?

Stupid snail :X

So for the conclusion, online in your own home is comfortable, got privacy, and most important, IT IS FAST!!! ;D
ONLINE in your home is just totally the best choice lah!!!
and lastly, Project Alpha is awesome! :D, can't wait for the 1st episode, wish it will be awesome-r!


The faster, the better. ;D

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Am I crazy?

The school exams are finally over, :), there's lots of stress you know? People even study for Art, *I was one of them*. And now, time to release.

Watch Alice In Wonderland after school that day, in 2D, not satisfy, at all. I wanna watch in 3D.

I like the graphic for Alice In Wonderland, real & crazy. I like the Red Queen actually, :)

She's good eh! :D

That's all for movie, let's talk bout tuition, :D
Tomorrow, which is monday, have a *awesomeeeeeeeee* tuition at 3, and it will ends at 8, :D THIS IS A HAPPY THING, YOU KNOW?
And I still need to stress for this problem, "How to change .xcf (Gimp File) to .psd(Photoshop file), this is a frustrating problem, you know?.

Well, wish me luck for this whole week (:

and also wish me luck tomorrow,
I don't wanna rugi my $ ;P

Monday, March 8, 2010

How to study effectively? 10 awesome tips

Do you think you lack of concentration when you study? Or everything you study can't go in you mind, well, I also have this problem, so search for the "medicine", and now I've created a "How to study efficiently" :) Since my first term is coming soon, *tomorrow!!!*

Find Out What Kind of Study Methods suit You!
There are two main kind of study methods
1. Study individually
2. Study in group (Recommended!)
Well, for me, I'll prefer group study, this is a awesome way to study, try it, and you will know what's the difference between the two methods. But if you think that study individually is more better, just do it, because everyone has their own personality :)

Clear Your Desk of Everything You Don’t Need
Put away what you do not need for the study session. Seeing reminders of other assessments may increase your anxiety and distract you.

Study at the Same Time, Same Place
Study at the same time and at the same place, devoted to study only. This helps you to associate the time and place with studying and concentrating.

Set a Goal

You must set a goal, this is kind of like self motivation, you can study much more better if you set a goal. E.g. You want to get top 10 in the class or get straight A's for the exam :)

Create Your Own Notes
While you studying, grab a notebook and write all the things as simple as possible. For a good notes, it must have lots of pictures, you can change the words in to pictures. By the way, you can also use some colors while doing your notes, the colors can increase the efficiency of studying :)

Always Hold a Pencil/Pen While You Reading
Well, maybe this is quite "childish" to do this, but let your hand+pen guide what are you reading will definitely increase your concentration.

Take Breaks Every Hour

It is important to take a break before you feel tired and lose your concentration completely. Regular breaks at least once an hour helps to sustain your concentration. If the work is not going too well and you have difficulties in concentrating, you may need a long break and go back to it later.

Drink Water Often

Drink plenty of water during a study session, especially when you feel sluggish.

Never Force Yourself
Forcing information during the last few days before exam is incredibly inefficient. Instead try to slowly interlink ideas as they come to you so studying becomes a quick recap rather than a first attempt at learning.

Sleep On It
This doesn't mean that sleep on the book, *Wenqi's idea* it is study before you sleep. Study before going to bed unless you are physically or mentally overtired. Freshly learned material is better remembered after a period of sleep than after an equal period of daytime activity because retroactive interference takes place.

:D good luck people, do comment in my blog :D

Articles from : which is my tutorial blog

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