Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jinwei can't online

July is a busy month for me. :) Well, lot's of work need to do. damn it.

oh, RANDOM QUOTE for the day : My first kiss went a lil' like this *computer lag* and this :)

This blog will be less active, but must remember to check out this blog, cause I'll still blog random things here, ohman, need to continue homework (but always ended up facebooking), ciao :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obese? No worries, Rice Crisps!

Boo! The first picture is awesome right? Yes, Mister Potato's new product, Rice Crisps. :) Here's an awesome post about Rice Crisps by Mister Potato. Actually I'm eating them now. :) They are awesome!

People are increasingly asking me, "Why is junk food bad for you?". After all, junk food is nice and cheap. In fact, the proportion of the income people spend on food has been falling for many years. That must surely be a good thing, so what's the problem?

1) It's full of FAT, added a lot of MSG, cholesterol, that's REALLY NOT GOOD for our health.

2) It's full of colouring, you can see ORANGE, RED, YELLOW, OR EVEN BLUE! The colouring is seriously not nice for me, it makes the food looks like some poison or what you know.

You get it? BUT WAIT A MINUTE, Mister Potato's Rice Crisps is another situation!
It's so nice, tasty & irresistible! :D That's not all! Let's have a look of my graphic comic that you don't wanna miss it!

1) Obesity has been a real serious problem in our country, well you know it, obesity will lead to some sickness like heart problem, diabetes, and MANY MORE!

2) When you are full of fats in your body, you will feel tired easily, sometimes, you may even feel very sick. So what can we do?

3) At this moment...

5) Introduce the new character in my blog, Jin-Man! :D The hero of this story! The solution for it is by Rice Crisps by Mister Potato!
Well, ask me again, why is Rice Crisps by Mister Potato so good?!

5) CHENG CHENG CHENG! Read the Fun Facts bout Rice Crisps is awesome!!!

6) From THIS! :D
A healthy person will feel happy, energetic! :)


The taste of it is TASTY, AWESOME, Irresistible!!!! :D
It's so awesome that you can actually replaced your meal when you are seriously starving nothing to eat except for it! :) There's also 4 awesome flavours for you which is Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Hot & Spicy, Flame Grilled BBQ! :D By the way, it's also EXTRA TALL! :D! By using less money, and you'll get more! :D AWESOME!

When you are bored, you can just get 1 and open and eat it and online in the same time. Just easy like that! :) It's so light, you can just bring it anywhere, and eat it anytime you want! :) It's much more easier when you want to prepare your meal and you need to start preparing very early.

Let's have a look with the Rice Crisps!!! :D

Thanks for reading this :D! Do comments! So tasty, ops, I just finished 1 can. :p, Opening one again. :)

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