Thursday, December 24, 2009

(: It's Christmas!

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell ;) had my Christmas Eve at Hokano Restaurant, it was awesome.
Actually I don't celebrate Christmas, ohmannn, I wanna try turkey, one day, heard someone said turkey is very hard?
This year is kinda like the awesomest year for me IN LIFE so far, woohoo~ ;P
so I created the awesomest graphic cartoon I've made.

Awesome? I bet you guys can't see the decoration clearly, so I've done a NEARER LOOK at all the decorations version! And all the decorations on the Christmas tree are meaningful to me. (:

First of all, this is a brush, why? If no art, I won't create all this. Art is one of the most important thing in my life!

Second, haha, if you guys read my blog often, you should know this is my first graphic cartoon(still don't have name for it, I'll call...ToFu?Any better suggestion? ), we must 饮水思源 (appreciate people/things that help us before), yeap, if I didn't created this, I don't think I'll ever walk until this level.

Third, angry face? haha, my second success graphic cartoon (Dotz), simple and cute, woo~

Fourth, one of my most favorite Dotz, "Mysterious" ;)

Fifth, Happy Dotz, just to make sure I won't be angry, happy is always better than angry.

Sixth, this is easy, MUSIC!!! Music is my life!!! I can't live without music, you? Music is just awesome!!!

Seventh, Dance~Addicted to dance after watched Battleground at Youtube. Dance is part of my life. :D

Eighth,ah, finally something that contains Christmas feeling, of course, my awesome, insane, damn awesome, damn insane, damn damn awesome Blog! ;D, I just want to kiss my blog. This blog just get stronger and better...

Ninth, my third not so success but still cute graphic cartoon, call it Dino, it was created because of Project Alpha! When I doing this in MINI version, it was like damn...=.= Wooh~ I did this in Christmas Version~ Rar!

Tenth, I did my own Project Alpha logo~ the first online competition I joined, and also the first online competition I got prizes. ;) Project Alpha simply nice. *eyebrows*

Eleventh, NUFFNANG~~the best thing I ever know, going to get $$ soon from Nuffnang, heh, to the people that has a blog, but don't have a nuffnang, go sign up now! xO

Twelfth, and also my AWESOME TUTORIAL, (: nothing much to say here, just simple an awesome tutorial. Wish it can be more famous.

Thirteenth and Fourteenth,
The Deer and the star, the deer is cute eh? Complicated ;O, and the star, is just cool~

Oh, there are 14 things, I'm 14, (: 2009 - Awesome Year.MerryChristmas (:

): I can't online.

See the title? seriously, whattheheck is wrong with the connection :/, I'm not online at my house, all the *important* files are in that computer. eshhh.
I'm still frustrate about something, that is completely stupid.
I hate to choose between something and something, that makes me feel frustrated.
oh, by, the way, form3s got their PMR results today, well, is already finished, just need to keep mobving on, ohsit, I'm form2 next year, damn fast, is like I was still new in the school yesterday :O.
Pics.with.friends. (:

retarded. :O

adidas products! ;D

Xinning house? :O

Dance in the Dark//Lady Gaga

Silicone, saline, poison, inject me.
Baby, I'm a free bit(ch)
I'm a free bit(ch)

[Verse 1]
Some girls won't dance to the beat of the track
Won't walk away, but she won't look back
She looks good, but her boyfriend says she's a mess
She's a mess, she's a mess
Now the girl is stressed
She's a mess, She's a mess, She's a mess, She's a mess

Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cuz' when he's looking she falls apart
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cuz when he's looking she falls apart
Baby loves to dance, there's a dance in the dark

[Verse 2]
remember his kiss is a vampire grin
the moonlight's away while she's howlin' at him
She looks good, but her boyfriend says shes a tramp
She's a tramp, she's a vamp
But she still does her dance
She's a tramp, she's a vamp
But she still kills the dance
Kill em'

Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cuz' when he's looking she falls apart
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cuz when he's looking she falls apart
Baby loves to dance, She Loves to dance in the dark

She loves to dance in the dark
In the dark
She love, she loves to dance in the dark.

Marilyn, Judy, Sylvia, tell them how you feel girls.
Work your ass Benet Ramsey haunt like liberachi
Find your freedom in the music
Find your jesus, find your cupid
You will never fall apart Diana
You're still in our hearts
Never let you fall apart
Together we'll dance in the dark

Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cuz' when he's looking she falls apart
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cuz when he's looking she falls apart
Baby loves to dance, there's a dance in the dark
Will post an awesome post tomorrow no matter how am I going to do it! I will, so check my blog tomorrow, tell you, the post is going to be AWESOME! oh, and merry christmas! ;D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

(: Sabah?

I went to Sabah (9/12-13/12)
Well, is okay, but quite boring lah :/
Not going to talk about the first day at Sabah, was like the MOST BORING DAY OF THE WHOLE TRIP EVER! :O

Second Day
Woke up early morning, cause we going to an Island, call Pulau Mabul, don't know where is it? it is near Pulau Sipadan. Why we didn't go to Sipadan (it's the top10 best dive site worldwide!), cause we can't book it, it was FULL already :/. We also snorkeled at there. Quite nice lah.

For your info, this is the sea, OMG right? so clear!

I love this picture! ;D The sea is awesome! Credit myself :P

The sunset, (: awesome, makes me wanna cry.

Credit to me again (:, awesome shot.

It was only 6pm, but the sunset, why? becuase of the position of Sabah, but Sabah follow the time of west Malaysia.

At night, I stare at the stars up above the sky, sitting beside the snorkeling site, waiting for the turtle. And yes, I saw them, first time I see a sea turtle, awesome. :)

Third Day
I can see the sun shine at me at 6am, wtf? At west Malaysia, it's still damn dark at 6am.
After the breakfast, we went to snorkeling again. Pictures. Time flies, we went back to Sabah(Tawau) at afternoon.

Awesome shot too, see the sea, crystal clear man! :O

Fourth Day

We went to Sandakan (by car), it took 4hours + :O, after we had breakfast, we went to *don't know what is it call* to had a view of the monkeys.
We went to Hutan Simpan Sepilok, but we didn't go in, because the time crushed with the lunch time, so we decided to go for lunch instead of going to Sepilok *ohmannn, what a waste :/*

Cool right?

The lonely monkey. D':

And hornbill ;D! Cool!

Ohmannn, didn't go in and see the orang utan.

Do anyone know what the hell is this? I saw this at Sepilok, it is cool, so I took a picture of it, TELL ME WHAT IS IT YEA! :D

Last Day

We were still at Sandakan, we went to Churches, after that, we went back to Tawau *took another 4hours + ==*, and go back to west Malaysia at 8.45pm :)

Nice heh? :)

I see rainbow :D

Colourful shadow :D

So this is what happened at Sabah, going to post about ice skating at next post. wait for it x)
For more awesome pictures, go to Facebook, I'll upload them as fast as possible.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

(: Bye, I say

Tomorrow, I will not be here(East Malaysia), guess where am I going tomorrow, don't miss me, only go for a few days, ahahah ;D.

Today is already 8 Dec, I am like, OMG, school's going to start! ;O, Well, I just wish Mataharians can remain in Matahari lah, because is like this year -Best Year of My Whole Life so far! I mean it.
Facebook. Join loads of groups and fanpage, yeap, holiday = boring. But I don't want school life too.

See? TRUE! so yea, bye to blog for a few days, will miss ya~

Monday, December 7, 2009

(: Wash Car Crazy

I didn't update about the car wash charity cause I was tired *seriously*, so I'll post it now (:

5/12 (Saturday)

Woke up early, I used Lady Gaga's Love Game to be my phone's Alarm Tone, cause that song is scary. ;D
Went to school. And yea, every no semangat that time, so we chit chat like seriously. Although went to school early, but everyone was like let us to talk! ahahaha ;D
So, let's start the TIRING CAR WASH CHARITY that was organized by KRS.
I found out that most of the people will just give us money without car wash. This is cool ;)
But some of them were rude. They will just say "No No No" or just ignore us. :/ I think I'm in this group of rude people :X, so I started to understand the feeling of the people outside and promoting stuff.

Oh well,

So rajin?

The first car!

We were RAJIN eh!~

Washing Steph Chan's dog, his name is Husky, we earned 10 bucks for it!

It was cool actually, I love the feeling when I was massaging the dog :D

BU3 teacher's car, we were like holy molly that time :O

The funniest thing for that day was, we went to community hall, one uncle asked us to wash his car, he said his car is the SEXIEST CAR among the cars in community hall, and I agree, it is PINK, HOT PINK! That car is like the old time Ferrari, yeap, when we used our hands to touch that car, we were like OMG, how long he didn't wash his car?!@!#! We should take a picture of before and after, Ohman, seriously, damn DIRTY, especially the tyres, AHH!

my legs were tired, felt like DYING already after the whole day. I used tired leg gel.

6/12 (Sunday)

Although went to school punctual, but there was less people there compare to the first day I went. We should have this "Punctual" in our moral value, hello people? Agree?
So yea, we washed like Saturday. ;D

One of the car we washed, see the difference? The black n white, seriously eh, dirty.

Enjoying 100Plus under the hot sun, owh yea~

Took this pic when we have break. ;)

Playing at BU6 Playground like children :D,
From left to right: Me, WenQi, Chee Wai, Waimun. :D

That day wasn't that tiring like Saturday, and not that serious, ;D, btw, I love to play swing!
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