Monday, February 18, 2008

CNY in PC2

16/2/08--- still love my school

Today~I went to school(PC2) at 8.30 ^^ saw so many old frensXD
:Eddy, Joe Yi, Howe Wee, Zhi Cheng, Hock Ooi, Yan Teng, Kai Jun, Men Yee and MORE
Me and Ozruan saw Amanda(Lim Su Wee) in the school, go and kacau him XD
also got Lion Dance, "lao sheng" with many people ^^. Afterthat, the Lion thwrow a Mandarin orange and I get it...XD
My school look vey nice, got aircorn in the dewan liao...^.^
also got some China dance thingy... Acrobatic( VERY NICE) and "bian lian" also very nice...
I also go get 2 mandarin oranges and 1 angpau..only got RM1( also can use mah! right?)
I am so HAPPY to go back school.....but dont have diabolo T.T

My hp rosak edi...-_-" ... wanna a new handphone...haiz....but my hp num still the same..
if u wanna to know my hp num..add me in msn or friendster^^--

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