Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Family Member. (:

On 31/3/2010, a memorable day for this year? Okay well I'm not sure bout it.
On that day, I was like what? Why is this "new" creature in our house? Surprise.
He didn't cry or what, he just stare at me like :" Ohman, I'm so shy, don't look at me"
So I was like, fine, I don't know you either, don't use the sad face and look at me like this.

Later, my brothers were playing with him, so yea, I go forward, and think, why not I try it too.
But still, he's quite shy, think that's actually normal lah.
At night, the whining sound by him irritated me. Or maybe it was my neighbour's stupid dog? Or it was my stupid neighbour threatening their dog? I've no idea. Cause it was a dog growling like mad. :/

The next day, he start to familiar our family members. :D It's a good thing.
The thing is, when we not playing with him, he will start whining :/

And today, :D, took him to my grandma's home since there got more friends that are almost the same age with him.
But guess what? Disaster, total disaster, both of them keep fighting cause there's jealousy in their mind, ._. .

Well, whatever.
Oh yea, today I taught him how to sit, but I don't think he really get it.
Actually, don't know how to spell his name, it's like Goby? Gobi? Gobbie? Gobby? I don't know :)

For you guys that still don't get this, I've a new pup in my house :D


fiona06 said...

y no pics on d new puppy?

kenwooi said...

no pics of the pup? =)

Nazihah said...

You should've posted pictures of the puppy! Hehe. Congrats on your new "baby"! Haha :P

Jinwei said...

I didn't post the picture to keep it mysterious :D, ahaha, let's wait for the next entry about my pup, mayb you guys can see it!

Hui Peng said...

U created he name for him ? weird name,sry for being so mean here.And i wan to see the pic of him !!

Jinwei said...

Not me actually, :D is my brother ._., lol, will let u guys see it asap :D

Hui Peng said...

*the, owh,ahaha,try to love it although it looks abit ... for u x)

Kelvin said...

Wats the species of the new pup?

Jinwei said...

Is a Labrador Retriever, :D!

Anonymous said...

it looks like a labrodor only lah. it's not pure eh

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