Saturday, June 14, 2008

1. Joseph Kong
2. Wai Kit
3. Jia Tian
4. Zhen Ruan
5. Jia Huay
6. Wai Mun
7. Amanda
8. Yan Yu
9. Jien-Vei
10. Jian Wei
11. Timothy Lim
12. Ziar Xuan
13. Beatrice
14. Calvin
15. Zoewyn
16. Jessica
17. Najrina
18. Su Jane
19. Renie
20. Kok Choong

How did you meet 13? *Beatrice*
In my class

What would have happened if you hadn't met 6? *Wai Mun*
ummmm.....nothing happens?

What do you honestly think of 10? *Jian Wei*

Would 8 date 3? *Jia Tian, Yan Yu*

Were you ever into 4? *Zhen Ruan*

Would you date 5? *Jia Huay*

Would 2 & 11 make a good couple? *Wai Kit, Timothy Lim*
they don even know each other

Would you go out with 14? *Calvin*
don think so.....

Describe 7 in 7 words.*Amanda*
A is for Amanda the panda LoVEr

Do you think 15 is hot? *Zoewyn*

Would 1 & 17 make a good couple? *Joseph Kong, Najrina*
No....they don even know each other!!

Tell us something about 14 . *Calvin*
How I know....swt -_-"

Do you know any of 3's family? *Jia Tian*
hmmmm..........not really

On a scale of 1-10, how cute is 16? *Jessica*
7!!! xD

What language does 19 speak? *Renie*
Chinese and english

Who is 12 going out with? *Ziar Xuan*
Zhen Ruan>??

When was the last time you spoke to 13? *Beatrice*

Would 18 & 14 make a good couple? *Su Jane, Calvin*
I SAID THEY DON EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER.......but maybe they do bcoz of Pengakap

Would you ever date 2? *Wai Kit*

How'd you meet 20? *Kok Choong*
Diabolo class

Where does 17 live? *Najrina*
how i know

How long have you known 1? *Joseph*
since std 5~

Is 12 older than you? *Ziar Xuan*

Have you ever gone out with 7? *Amanda*
ya.......(don be sick)

Have you kissed 5? *Jia Huay*

Do you find 1 attractive? *Joseph*

What is 3's best feature? *Jia Tian*
LOL............the round headed.......moving Ipod!! duh! watever!! Take To the Hand.....(haha-_-")

What do you like about 9? *Jien-Vei*
his academy.>?

Is 3 a good friend? *Jia Tian*

Out of 8, 17, 4, 16, 2 who would you sleep with?
*Yan Yu, Najrina, Zhen Ruan, Jessica,Wai Kit*
No......don be sick

i tag:
Jia Tian

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