Thursday, March 12, 2009

what the hell? HUH?

seriously, I am damn CRAZY today.....AHHH~~ :D

second, Huh?
HAPPY B'DAy to AMANDA CHONG :D...forgetten to tell u today :X

ok.... I created a stupid game today, not really a game lah
It is like you say "huh?" then the person will say "huh?" or something else
THEN YOU will say huh? or something else AGAIN!
then it will continue and continue.........

yay..... FUN RIGHT?
Tini and I played this game from the last period till...the Kuning Marching finish :D

then the people that duno what we are doing we be like
"huh? what are they doing? crazy ah?"
haha....then they will like STARING at US...........:D

seriously, this game is quite cool and annoying :X

people that staring at us when we playing the "Huh?" game

1. Everyone in 2Matahari :D
2. Sooyin *i think* :D
3. the kakak that sell roti canai... *she was laughing at us when we played infront of she
4. Eryani
5. Anis
6. and the people that waiting outside the school today...AND MORE

going crazy and hyper today :D

by the way, kuning is GOING TO WIN!!!
first ....
Kadri get first in Lempar Cakera woohoo~
Nicole get 2nd place in Lompat Tinggi!! OMG~
after that,
Kuning won merah the tarik tali :D
We (the junior marchers, am I a junior marcher?) marched out loud today weih!

today is SOOOOO crazy :D

and.... the SPM results are here today :D
heard lots of shouting...i think is a good news...
lots of good news today .......\(^.^)/

btw, click my ads :D

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Huh? / Let's go Kuning, Let's go


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