Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Seriously, how can I count in the 1st day? O_o...
I am still a newbie, and what you expecting?
5 secs to give you everything?
yes, I know I am slow (: hah?
well, I going to try my best,
so I won't screw up this job...
by the way, why you people want so MANY drinks ah?
AND remember, I am still new in it...
need to remember so many stuff...can't you all just...CHILL?

exam, shit....what to do? I haven't study leh...

for your information,
you must remember one day...that is happy! :D

waimun wanted to look at the awesome-st school album... they are, they are, pray they can put my design into the school album this year...SO you all can see the real design :D

CLICK to view

they are copyrighted (:...please do not copy

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