Monday, April 20, 2009

kem pentauliahan 2009

woo...I'm damn tired after the camp...
well, now this is something about the awesome camp (:

I'm in Renie's group, the group members are...
Renie, Zhan Phong, Rachel, Rebbeca, Bryan Chan, Jia Yi, Eunice, Yee Eng and me!

first day, our group screwed up our dinner, lol, but it's ok lah
well, then we need to memorize damn lot stuff, then blah....
*phew, my group don't have night watch that night, if not, I die loh*

next day, the exam...oh shoot, I screwed up my PC...:(
I only get 5.5/10
oh...I also screwed up Tali and Perkhemahan
Tali i got 6/10
and perkhemahan 5/10...:(

well....I got 10/10 for Komunikasi, was easy xD
and 4.5/5 in Alam Sekitar!!!

9.5/10 in ikhtiar hidup!!!! AWESOME!

love myself! hah

Malam Kebudayaan,
our group was awesome,
Phua Chu Kang...!!! for Group 4, the first group that went out to perform
I am Chu Beng~~ the sissy one...
I didn't did my best on the stage...):....well, the sketch still fine,
was easy and funny...

King Kong: I come here to find a work
Chu Kang : Here no work, outside got work, here office!
King Kong: oh....I mean I come here to LOOK for work.
Chu Kang : Oh, take a seat
King Kong: *take the chair* take to where?
Chu Kang : no, no, no, I mean sit down!
King Kong: ohh~ say earlier mah!
Chu Kang : I am going to FIRE you!
King Kong: how can you fire me if you didn't even hired me?
Chu Kang : OK! I will hired you so I can fire you!!!

want somemore?

Ah Goon: *carrying a plasma tv* WAH~ Boss you so lucky ah! win plaster tv
Chu Kang: not plaster tv lah! is PLASMA TV!

and blah blah blah...not going type here

then we had OBH(Operasi Burung Hantu)....was ok, quite fake, okkk.....but still, AWESOME

Third day...
well, the pencergasan fizikal was ok, I passed all, but I only got 6/10? weird,,,

and the teori was hard, I can't finish...stupid me...
last test, THE MARCHING!!!
when Zhan Phong lapor masuk, was damn funny....he accidentally said to Chong Yean
ZHANG PHONG: Selamat sejahtera tuan, saya kadet putera Ooi Chong Yean *used his hand to slap his face Oh SHIT!

-_-" don't be so nervous
I got 39/50 for marching....ok lah

the moment....
Best Kadet Putera: Man Him *spell correct?*
Best Kader Puteri: Rebbeca
Best Kumpulan : Group 9 *waimun's group*

actually, I seriously wish my group can get best kumpulan, well, nevermind, causeI think our sketch is the best? right? eh...wait, AJK's sketch was better! haha...
congrats to all 2009 LANS

waimun, Hui Yee, Zhen Wei, Chee Wai, Chee Fai, Man Him, Renie, Sean Peh, Crystle*spell correct again?*, and blah blah blah :)

2009...kem pentauliahan. part of memories

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