Sunday, October 11, 2009


See the vote in my blog? YEAP, VOTE it, I really want to know what you all actually read in my blog.
Okay, few days ago, it was still exam right? I curi-curi go to my blog when I was studying. Then I saw the congrats..........and all that stuff, and I was "huh?" Okay, get to the point, I go to Nuffnang, and I saw something INCREDIBLE, OH MY GOD, INSANE in my Account.

I pinched myself, I slapped myself, I on the volume of the music to max so my eardrum will BOOM, and.....................OUCH, hurt....
Well, at least I know that's not a dream! Is TRUE, then, I was jumping UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN and again and again and again.

I've got no.5 in Project Alpha Contest? WTF?! Seriously, can't even believe that. And the traffic in my blog goes upppppppppp~ (:
And see this

I was jumping up and down , see the red circled name. (:
Let's talk about the exam now!
Who study already? =.=''
This is a stupid question, I know. =D Ok I am too hyper today
Good luck to FORM3s tomorrow!
especially CRYSTAL and MEGAN, they call me to do this *roll eyes*

to anis: I've no inspiration what to do for your header now, hehe :X

to waimun: you still want the header or not orh? So long already...zzz

to everyone: DO YOU SEE THE "LEAVE COMMENT [+0]" ? If you want to talk about this post PLEASE POST IT in HERE NOT IN COMMENT BOX, comment box is for crap and linking, and BLAH~ :D and VOTE what you read in my blog mostly!

Thanks for coorperation


Ashley Foo said...

Lol..there happy now? Chill man....

Jinwei said...


Zhen Ruan said...

Happiness 25mg 40%
Jin-ology 25mg 1%

Lol y so weird? both 25mg but happiness is 40% and jin-ology 1% oni.

Jinwei said...


Zhen Ruan says: Studbeliuticious! =) said...

anyway, wth is JIN-OLOGY?? =_=

Jinwei said...

-.-, jin-ology is the knowledge about Jin's style~

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