Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(: Awesome Tutorial!

Recently, I've created a new blog, is blog like Tutorial, How To....:D The main thing about that blog is about teaching you how to create awesome Graphic Pictures~ But only for GIMP, not photoshop :B. Don't believe my pro-ness of graphic pics? There are some examples here...

it is for http://myshoppingcompass.blogspot.com/

my comp's wallpaper..*I've post this pic before :)

ah..this is last year's work...that time I was crazy abour Pet Society :D Ah...time flies.

Omg, I found this in my photobucket account!
I almost forgotten this man!

Still remember I create blogskins?
My favorite picture(that I designed) for blogskin is this..

Is awesome :P

So....still don't believe my pro-ness? Hah...so GO my newest BLOG, need some support!

Click this image to go to the page :D

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