Thursday, December 24, 2009

(: It's Christmas!

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell ;) had my Christmas Eve at Hokano Restaurant, it was awesome.
Actually I don't celebrate Christmas, ohmannn, I wanna try turkey, one day, heard someone said turkey is very hard?
This year is kinda like the awesomest year for me IN LIFE so far, woohoo~ ;P
so I created the awesomest graphic cartoon I've made.

Awesome? I bet you guys can't see the decoration clearly, so I've done a NEARER LOOK at all the decorations version! And all the decorations on the Christmas tree are meaningful to me. (:

First of all, this is a brush, why? If no art, I won't create all this. Art is one of the most important thing in my life!

Second, haha, if you guys read my blog often, you should know this is my first graphic cartoon(still don't have name for it, I'll call...ToFu?Any better suggestion? ), we must 饮水思源 (appreciate people/things that help us before), yeap, if I didn't created this, I don't think I'll ever walk until this level.

Third, angry face? haha, my second success graphic cartoon (Dotz), simple and cute, woo~

Fourth, one of my most favorite Dotz, "Mysterious" ;)

Fifth, Happy Dotz, just to make sure I won't be angry, happy is always better than angry.

Sixth, this is easy, MUSIC!!! Music is my life!!! I can't live without music, you? Music is just awesome!!!

Seventh, Dance~Addicted to dance after watched Battleground at Youtube. Dance is part of my life. :D

Eighth,ah, finally something that contains Christmas feeling, of course, my awesome, insane, damn awesome, damn insane, damn damn awesome Blog! ;D, I just want to kiss my blog. This blog just get stronger and better...

Ninth, my third not so success but still cute graphic cartoon, call it Dino, it was created because of Project Alpha! When I doing this in MINI version, it was like damn...=.= Wooh~ I did this in Christmas Version~ Rar!

Tenth, I did my own Project Alpha logo~ the first online competition I joined, and also the first online competition I got prizes. ;) Project Alpha simply nice. *eyebrows*

Eleventh, NUFFNANG~~the best thing I ever know, going to get $$ soon from Nuffnang, heh, to the people that has a blog, but don't have a nuffnang, go sign up now! xO

Twelfth, and also my AWESOME TUTORIAL, (: nothing much to say here, just simple an awesome tutorial. Wish it can be more famous.

Thirteenth and Fourteenth,
The Deer and the star, the deer is cute eh? Complicated ;O, and the star, is just cool~

Oh, there are 14 things, I'm 14, (: 2009 - Awesome Year.MerryChristmas (:

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