Tuesday, December 15, 2009

(: Sabah?

I went to Sabah (9/12-13/12)
Well, is okay, but quite boring lah :/
Not going to talk about the first day at Sabah, was like the MOST BORING DAY OF THE WHOLE TRIP EVER! :O

Second Day
Woke up early morning, cause we going to an Island, call Pulau Mabul, don't know where is it? it is near Pulau Sipadan. Why we didn't go to Sipadan (it's the top10 best dive site worldwide!), cause we can't book it, it was FULL already :/. We also snorkeled at there. Quite nice lah.

For your info, this is the sea, OMG right? so clear!

I love this picture! ;D The sea is awesome! Credit myself :P

The sunset, (: awesome, makes me wanna cry.

Credit to me again (:, awesome shot.

It was only 6pm, but the sunset, why? becuase of the position of Sabah, but Sabah follow the time of west Malaysia.

At night, I stare at the stars up above the sky, sitting beside the snorkeling site, waiting for the turtle. And yes, I saw them, first time I see a sea turtle, awesome. :)

Third Day
I can see the sun shine at me at 6am, wtf? At west Malaysia, it's still damn dark at 6am.
After the breakfast, we went to snorkeling again. Pictures. Time flies, we went back to Sabah(Tawau) at afternoon.

Awesome shot too, see the sea, crystal clear man! :O

Fourth Day

We went to Sandakan (by car), it took 4hours + :O, after we had breakfast, we went to *don't know what is it call* to had a view of the monkeys.
We went to Hutan Simpan Sepilok, but we didn't go in, because the time crushed with the lunch time, so we decided to go for lunch instead of going to Sepilok *ohmannn, what a waste :/*

Cool right?

The lonely monkey. D':

And hornbill ;D! Cool!

Ohmannn, didn't go in and see the orang utan.

Do anyone know what the hell is this? I saw this at Sepilok, it is cool, so I took a picture of it, TELL ME WHAT IS IT YEA! :D

Last Day

We were still at Sandakan, we went to Churches, after that, we went back to Tawau *took another 4hours + ==*, and go back to west Malaysia at 8.45pm :)

Nice heh? :)

I see rainbow :D

Colourful shadow :D

So this is what happened at Sabah, going to post about ice skating at next post. wait for it x)
For more awesome pictures, go to Facebook, I'll upload them as fast as possible.

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