Wednesday, February 24, 2010

(: Chinese New HOOO year!


This post is going to talk bout what I did in my Chinese New Year Hols. I'm getting lazy to post cause 1 post at least need 1 hour eh! Gimme some boost to let me continue 'em (:.

So first of all, it was the day before Chinese New Year, I was sitting in the car, and guess what I saw?

A LOVE SHAPED CLOUD! ;D, Okay, edited, is not in PINK, but It's really a Heart Shape!
That's just totally cool eh!

Saw this random thing while visiting my relatives house
WHAT'S THIS? Probably you will say this is a FROG, durh.

A lighter, didn't expect? :)

At night, we put airbourne lanterns or you call Kong Ming Lanterns. ;D That's actually illegal in M'sia, but I think that this is actually an awesome tradition by Chinese.

After we wrote our wishes on it, and we light up the candle? down there ;D

Okay, it's getting higer~

And off it goes.
Ahh, wish my dreams will come true, seriously.

After beberapa days later, I came back from my hometown and went to the place where my parent work! ;D


the aerobics! ;D PROS eh!

Damn, they are pros!

The nicest Lion Dance pic i took! ;D After that, it's already like 5 something, actually I had tuition that time, but since I was at KL, so I decided to forget bout it lah. And went to eat dinner in KL, guess what my family saw?

A saloon, Oh Jun Hair Saloon, okay...



Okay I know this one! The korean word is Kim Chi, ahaha, I'm smart *eyebrows* ;D
But still? Why is there so many korean shops?!

OMG lah, see it? Gong? You know what's gong? It's actually a Korean show, what.the.fuck man!
Gung Restaurant!?!

Now why I put 村 so big? Ahahaha, you will know it really well if you actually know ZhenRuan well! ;D And yea, I went to a place I name it Korean Town. Why? There's damn lot Koreans there eh! And we went in to a Korea BBQ Restaurant to had our dinner.

Completely Korean style!

Korean Ice-cream! Or you can just call it ice-stick, cause it's like just an ICE more than an ice-cream, get it?

The food! ;D I like the weird feeling of korean food. You see, although the color of the food is red, but it's not definitely taste hot or sour. It can be salty! Not like our Malaysian style, RED = SOUR, BROWN = SALTY! :X

So basically, I enjoy my Chinese New Year, but that's still not the end :X
I also went to Guan Yin blah, I don't know what is it call
Took lots of amazing pictures :)

See 1 Malaysia? See the Flag? ahaha, on of their concept this year is 1 M'sia. Not bad! ;)

This Red Tiger symbols Chinese. Cause Red what!

And this green Tiger symbols Malays! This is obvious lah.

So when you see this what you think bout?
Probably think about Waimun cause it's purple! Haha, well, it symbols Indian.

Kung Fu Panda, Haiyaaa!

Guess a 成语, know? well, I don't know :X

Me & My zodiac, PIG! ;D

At night! Nice eh! The eyes can glow eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, I saw this, and I think it's damn meaningful,
you can just see the pic below,
if you're not thinking bout yourself,
shame on you.


Zhen Ruan said...

CHUN!!!! ;D

Jinwei said...

[zhenruan] Everyday chun eh?! ;D the whole 3Mat kena influenced!

Wen Qi said...

nice post. too busy to write one ):

Jinwei said...

[wenqi] ohman, :/, i'm also like a same situation, form3 life is dying, *i know F4 will be even worse*...

Wen Qi said...

yes form 3 is totally nothing weih. enjoy first while you can. form 3 is like the best year for me (:

Jinwei said...

[wenqi] still can't feel the awesome-ness this year, well, see it later, form2 is the BEST! ;D you ask all the last year 2Mat people, they mesti say last year better lah!

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