Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband


Technology nowadays is way to awesome! :D See, you can even transform a camera into an awesome robot! :O

Transformer! :O

So what's impossible nowadays? Almost nothing, so there's one awesome products I'm very proud to show to you guys which is!

A W1GGY by P1W1MAX! :D We can't live without online right?
It's so small, that you can even put it into your tiny pockets.
It's so small, but you can't imagine the speed that it provides, the syok-ness at at 10Mbps!!!
It's so small,
dresses up a cool and sharp design, so you won't be embarrassed while you using it in front of everyone.

W1GGY that give you affordable speed and higher usage quota, with no
and no restrictions. Now, you can have more Internet fun anywhere, with no strings attached, cause it's a portable USB :D!! COOL!

Just insert W1GGY into your notebook and you can online anywhere you want to! :D Like your car, at the park, even when you doing your business! :D

So don't start your trip without a W1GGY! Bring it together, now you can online anywhere!
Oh wait, an awesome trip will not be perfect without it, your Broadband, fastest, awesomest. :D

New episodes of Project Alpha! :D
NikiCheong/ he's cool :D, hmm. wanna know bout him? Continue watching Project Alpha. :D Oh, I remember one thing, Cheong Peck Beng! :D Niki's chinese name? Ah Cheong, Ah Peck, Ah Beng, that name is damn "cool"? ahahaha :D! Enjoy!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


benwl said...

Are you saying Wimax is offering unlimited broadband to all users?

If it is true, then it is good. Checkout my blog post about unlimited broadband:

c a r m e n c e e ; said...


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