Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lady Gaga VS Cheryl Cole?

Lady Gaga, the most famous pop music singer in the world now. I mean who don't want to be like her? So I found out something not really cool bout a singer call Cheryl Cole.

This is Cheryl Cole's album cover, when I first saw this I was like ... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? And yes! It looks so alike with Lady Gaga's album cover! Album 99%! :/ Is it just an accident? Or is it a copycat? I have no idea, but why not we compare their videos. (:
Let's start the battle!


Sitting on a chair, with a weird pose. Starting with lots of people in WHITE AND BLACK

Sitting on a chair.

Yeap, a lot of people but in BLACK


Weird costume, with a crazy mask cover the face.

Dance with the dancers with a with cloth covering face.


Dancers surrounded her, in RED

Dancers surrounded her, IN BLACK



Kena torture face. Oh, this is Lady Gaga not Cheryl Cole, wait, they alike? OMGiez.

Cheryl Cole, well, not really kena torture but yea. :O Can recognize which is Lady Gaga which is Cheryl Cole?


I walk alone.

Fine, we walk together.

So tell me is this a NGAM NGAM HO(accident) or is copycat? Cheryl Cole copies Lady Gaga, or another way round? :/ I can't say anything, but I'll still keep supporting Lady Gaga.

Nevermind, why not we enjoy both their music, 3 Words by Cheryl Cole, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, both songs are totally not the same. (: Got pros & cons for both. Like both. With Lady Gaga's catchy lyrics, and Cheryl Cole's power that can make you addicted to that song.

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

3 Words - Cheryl Cole

Boo. nightmare?


kenwooi said...

when people get really famous, they somehow trademark some things they have or always do.. so when other people do that, they'll be called copycat.. =)

Jinwei said...

Yeap, Gaga definitely start the new world for the music fans :D

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