Sunday, November 7, 2010 me.

I was doing my Add Math, Chemistry, Physics homework that day...well, honestly, it's a BIG JUMP from form3 to form4. Is like everything you learned is BRAND NEW O_O. Well, went to my tuition, just had my first lesson bout Add Math, Chemistry & Physics...I seriously got a headache when teacher was teaching...DAMN IT. I'm getting really confusing + blur case.

-Wish teacher is not reading this-

I took forever to finish the homework myself, is like I'm seriously very blur when teacher teaching...GAH! Although I tried really hard in the homework(especially Add Math), I will just turn around & around, and back to the starting point with no answer.

Well, basically there's 3 types of student in our CLASS

1) The very smart one! (NERD)

2) The blur & don't do homework one! (DAY DREAMER)

3) The blur BUT DO HOMEWORK ONE! (JINO!! D:, which me.


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