Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh shit!

Okay, you guys realize every picture in my blog become to Photobucket, Get Pro Today? A...yea, I've exceeded the photobucket bandwidth :/....THIS IS STUPID. So I checked the website and they said I need to wait until next month only my pictures will my fine, GOSH, want me to wait til January 2010? This is just simply idiotic... So I guess I got a few choices

a) Post less thing every month
b) Pay to get Pro...
c) Create one more Photobucket account.

Well, I guess my only way is C. This is stupid lah! :/ THIS IS STUPID!!! D:....

Anyway, I going to Thailand, like few days later, and the day to get my PMR result will be very soon, thinking bout just make me crazy...geez. So this is a pretty short post. Ciao.

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