Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 1st Part-Time Job #2

Okay, before you read this, if you haven't read PART 1 yet, CLICK HERE.

How's your holiday?

So the searching for my first part-time job at OU, is basically A FAILURE.
So I decided to join my "uncle that actually works at KUMON, he said maybe there is still vacancies for part-time teacher.

And you guess it, I got that JOB! :B
RM5 per hour, I guess is quite worth it. My reason of finding a part-time job is not to meeting friends at OU Shopping Mall, not to gaining crap fame, not for looking for hot chicks, not for NOTHING.

Just simply want to get MONEY & get rid of unproductive & boring life. That's all.


Basically, my job is just to mark & mark & mark...:o, sorry for the ULTRA BLUR picture :/. It is not really easy at first cause I was quite blur about the marking system. Gosh. :/

My boss actually gave me THIS LOT TO MARK, geez. It was pretty scary experience I tell you.

Well, I also mark till the whole hand into RED & BLUE pen ink. :o See! How hardworking I was!

So basically, my hols is about KUMON marking, kena scold by my boss, mark until the whole hand red and blue, sit until got backache, yeap. Pretty fun I say. :)

Going to Thailand soon! I'll miss you guys!

Comment & Follow. :) Jinwei sign off.

1 comment:

ken said...

i think kumon is a nice place to teach.. provided the kids are obedient :)

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