Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Year Resolution. :)


Finally, 2010 was can either choose to remembering all the memories in 2010, or YOU CAN START ENJOYING A BRAND NEW YEAR!

2011, I wish this is a year for me, cause 2010 is not really my yeah

My New Year Resolution!

1) Be taller (175cm++)

Yes, I wanna be taller some how, I don't know why, I just guess I'm short although I'm not really that short. I'm not expecting Yao Ming's height, that's insane, just want to be taller 3 or 4 cm? :) Oh, Check out my How to be taller blog post >> CLICK HERE

2) Be happier :D

Happy, this is what life meant to be. A man should be happy not depressed about everything. Be strong and stay positive I am going to post a few ways to BE HAPPIER IN LIFE in my blog later, stay tuned yo!

Cause Baby you are a Firework, come on and let your color burst
- Katy Perry//Firework

3) Dare to say NO!

Sometimes people look for my help with something, well, *I'm kinda like a kind and awesome person, so I rarely say no* I know that I can't help he/she, but I will still say yes to lend a hand, but at last, I will always be the idiot one that busy here busy this year, I must learn how to say NO!

4) Be more myself

I always admire some people that better than me, sometimes I tried to be like them, but I guess I failed, that makes me no personality, so 2011, I am going to be MYSELF, not afraid to show myself, not afraid to express myself.

Cause you don't have to feel like a wasting space, you're original, cannot be replace.
- Katy Perry//Firework

5) Spend my time more wisely

I always use to be at Facebook, and scroll up and down, doing nothing, and nothing change in Facebook, that's seriously wasting of time. So let's together do something awesome instead of wasting your time at Facebook? Maybe go and sleep is better :P

6) Sleep regularly

This one is important! I must know I need enough sleep to grow so I can achieve my 1) resolution. :) Sleep regularly is important so we can get enough energy to start a brand new day, and also TO GROW, especially for teenagers, like me. :D


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8) More Traffic In My Blog

If you want to be a successful blogger, the key is to have more TRAFFIC in your blog, so yes, wish this year my blog can have more traffic. :B.

I guess that's all for now :). I love you guys, and Happy New Year! Oh, Katy Perry's Firework is awesome.

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