Monday, April 11, 2011

Make Me a Belieber, Tune Talk!

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I remember that was when I first heard Justin Bieber hottest hit, Baby. I was okay. It's okay. I admit, I am not a so called *ULTRA-BIEBER-BELIEBER-BIEBERTASTIC* person at first. Yea. To me, he was like okay it is nothing. But later he become more famous. That's the time noticed him. Why is he famous? He is famous because his face? His songs? Or is he famous because all the news he got in the newspaper *Basically it's all bad about him, like his voice, and sorts of it*
I don't know why people hate him. He is like a really good model for future generation right? And he's like, 17 years old? And he has become one of the most famous singer in THE WORLD! I mean isn't that COOL! Hey, if he is not good, how can he get to that position? That's why I find there's a lot of meaning in his song, I mean... he don't simply write songs out of no where, *YES, I'M MENTIONING FRIDAY...FUN FUN FUN FUN* He used his heart out to write a song. *claps* :) Yea, then I realize, he is not a normal singer! He is not a God or whatever, BUT HE IS MY IDOL.

What do you mean by supporting him? Does that means stalk him, go Google Search for his underwears? Not necessary. By making up yourself as Bieber? Not necessary either, cause Justin Bieber told us to be ourselves and live our life. :) So what does that mean as supporting?
1) I interpret all his song, oh, and I interpret HIM! Like I know that his "One Time" is not to a specific girl, but all the girls in the world. I know that he is a lefty, like me! COOL! :D

2) I follow him in TWITTER. :D Twitter tells me every bits and pieces about him.

3) I have BIEBER FEVER. Yes, I'm sick. I am so desperate to see him. D;...I LOVE HIS SONGS OMG.

As you know, the influence by an artist is like VERY HUGE. When I watched Karate Kid, and the ending song is Never Say Never, I was COOL! Is Justin Bieber, and the lyrics is very meaningful : It goes like :"I'll never say never, I'll fight till forever, whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground...." Heh, isn't it meaningful, is like not only telling us NOT TO GIVE UP LIFE, is like people suicide because their girl/boyfriend dumped them, well, I think that it's stupid and not rational, you must first love yourself only you can love someone else, :) Isn't that true? I felt that the song also like a motivation for Bieber himself, although there's a lot of haters, but there is still lots of BELIEBER, like me right? So yeah, everyone shouldn't give up in LIFE. :D Together live till the world ends.

It's not something embarrass or whatever. It's not illegal! :D It's just simply a hobby. I love to sing. Especially his songs, some of my friends will be like "Oi! Shut up lah! Bieber fan!" But I will continue my song "BABY BABY BABY Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Ahahaha, I always have fun to get people feeling annoyed. But truly, his songs are all nice and quite meaningful right? :) Cause when you smile, I smile. That's true.

I love JB, although he's an ordinary teenager, like me... The thing special bout him is he's got the power to make a change. Well, I must learn this from him. all the haters, I mean he didn't even did anything wrong? Or maybe you guys just jealous bout him? All I can say is don't judge someone by your 1st impression. A person can change..kay? :)

Let's all of us close our eyes, and pray.


Supia Chao said...

Contest? Best of luck to you.

nama.aku.lynn said...

hey,this is really2 awesomw!
m one of the belieber..'never say never'.. :))
goodluck then.:)

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