Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SPM 2012 TIPS!

Hey guys! It's been a long time I've posting here, cause of SPM!
Yeap. SPM 2012 this year, and it has been a long journey, 5 years in secondary school. This chapter is going to end soon, and next year, I'll be stepping into a brand new journey. College life. Throughout this SPM month, I need to thank so awesome websites which helped me a lot in SPM.

First of all,

Berry Berry Easy

The chemistry notes in Berry Berry Easy is simply useful! It gives you extra information for a better understanding and also show you experiments in video so students are able to understand deeper and experience together! I love this website! :) THANK YOU!

Bank Soalan SPM

Bank Soalan SPM, like how it sounds, it has quite some trials paper from all the states together with the answers provided. So.. why buy new books when you can get it for free online? :D

Malaysia Students

This website is a very useful website not only for SPM but also provide students tons of scholarships for students. Besides, this web collected a lot of trials paper from other states. So feel free to go to this web :).


Chinwynn is a web which not only gives benefit for SPM students but also PMR students! :D It's a good website yo! Check it out!


2012 SPM Tips, first of all, I must say I didn't really follow SPM tips this year as I don't believe it and it seems to be not quite true this year, BUT, this facebook page not only give tips but also provide awesome notes from teachers. Very awesome! And the news always update regularly and always on time! Thank you! :)

Cikgu TanCL

Cikgu TanCL, he provided a lot of useful exercise and notes for BM SPM! :D I love it! Whoo~

Yeap, this year SPM has been a bumpy ride, and still can't believe when this ends, everything is going to end.... I'm going to miss this wonderful experience, I had gone through the ups and downs, and it still feel like yesterday that I was still a form 1 student. Laughter, tears, anger, everything. And I'll take away all the memories together with me. I know that as time passes, part of my memories will fade and maybe forever gone at the future, but just remember it's not forever gone, just hidden somewhere, deep, deep inside my heart.

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