Friday, January 27, 2012

T-Ara Lovey-Dovey (Zombie & Tokyo Ver.) // K-POP Review

Zombie Version

The story for this video is basically quite simple.
I'll just take it fast.
A girl went to a toilet in the club, then there was a zombie hiding behind.
The girl probably is the first zombie bite victim. She turned into a zombie.

Then the zombie disease started to spread into the whole club.
At last the dance (T-ara) also bitten.
At the end, the girl first bitten gave us a suspense that she's still a human, BUT no, she turned into a zombie already.

So this video, I like really much there are some weird parts though

So let's go through the 5 weird parts in the Lovey-Dovey (Zombie Version) MV!

1) Why is there a fence to protect the dances at the dancefloor? Is it because sometimes there are too many fans that want to chase the dancers?

2) Why are the dancers, T-ara still dancing calmly although there were 10329242++ zombies out there chasing for them? Aren't they suppose to be screaming and running around?

3) Why are they dancing? I mean no one is going to watch them? I mean zombies? You're performing for the zombies that going to turn you into a zombie? O_O

4) When zombies broke free from the fences, why are T-ara members standing so calmly on the dancefloor? WHY?! Were they thinking that it was actually a zombie costume party? What?

5) So why are T-ara's the most hot and sexy zombies there? WHY!!!?!!?!?

Last but not least, I feel that this video basically is quite good, but there's another weird part that the concept of this music video is very alike with LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem. Watch it here

Same zombie concept + Shuffling

Well that's my opinion, tell me yours :D
VIDEO: 6/10
DANCE: 7.5/10 (Catchy!)

Tokyo Version

Yes! I know I'm kind of late but still I'm going to update this, let's talk about T-ara's Lovey-Dovey Tokyo version. The starting of the video, take us into the high tech world of Tokyo, Japan. Then starting to show us their natural beauty & cute side, (eating together, play bowling together, clubbing)
and I personally really like how this music video, not only seeing their Tokyo trip, but also mixed with some real shots, seeing them dancing Lovey-Dovey like in the real club and all the lightings. These made the video not so boring, love it very much!

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