Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EXO - Miracle in December // KPOP Review

EXO is back with another fantastic music video!

EXO - Miracle in December (Korean Version)

To be honest, I was really blown away by the vocals of EXO's member Chen, Baek Hyun and D.O. which 3 of them play the role of vocals in the group.

In the music video, it is probably saying during Christmas Eve, all of the EXO member are preparing for the night to meet their the other half.

Which also include this cute poodle puppy!

Adorable puppy!

Exo's Sehun.

Kris showcasing his talent - DRAWING

Song: 9.9999999999/10   (This song is beautiful, which can bring tears to the fans eyes)
Video: 7.5/10

To be honest, it has been the third comeback for EXO this year. I feel like they didn't really have the time to breathe. SM Entertainment has been investing a lot of money on them (Just look at all their previous music video.). I do feel guilty to wait for their comeback. They have been working so hard every week, which do bring pain to some fan's heart. All in all, really hope they will be success as I feel that they really do deserve the fame and the fortune with all that they sacrificed.


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