Saturday, December 20, 2014

Life Of Being An A-Levels Student

Oh hey there!

I see you there! So I bet you are here for a reason. Maybe you are an A-Levels student, maybe you are deciding to choose A-levels or not, maybe you just randomly stumbled upon this site. But by reading this blog, there will definitely be benefits for you, I promise!

So here I will list down 5 things I have learnt about being an A-levels student!

1) It's all about time management!

You will be having a test next morning at the first class, now you are burning midnight oil, trying to squeeze all the maths formula in that tired brain of yours. You feel like dying, you feel like you will be failing your test tomorrow, experience that before? (I bet you did) That is the typical BAD TIME MANAGEMENT of a student.

It is important to have a good time management especially when you have different subjects in college/university to juggle around. Get your exam dates right, be well prepared before the exam, for me personally, depending on the amount of things that I need to study, it can vary from 3 days to 1 week for a test or even 3 months to 5 months for a major exam. I think it's very flexible to any individuals, shorter or longer time period, as long as you are able to finish the syllabus, and be very prepared no matter how the question twist itself, then you will be fine!

2) Do your past-year papers!

Another key of be well prepared for your exams will definitely be able to familiarized yourself with the exam paper itself. Be sure that you did sufficient amount of past year papers, but don't just do it without gaining anything from it, you should familiarized yourself with the format of the paper, and try different variation of questions, so you will be able to be calm in the exam even though it is something you are not so sure about.

3) Have enough rest

A good rest is essential for your mind to work, it don't just let you be fully awake for the next day, but it is essential for you to remember what you have learnt during the day. Getting a full 8 hours sleep will let you be healthier and also more alert!

4) Get a study group

Getting a few friends and have a study group is not just changing of knowledge between each other, but it will also be a challenge to you of what you already know. For example, your friend don't understand a question in physics, you know how to solve it, but not how to explain it, and this will further challenge your own knowledge as I was once told by my teacher, "If you know how to solve but not how to explain, it just proves that you still don't truly understand." Hence, getting into a study group will definitely be beneficial to everyone in the group.

5) Lastly, HAVE FUN

Being a student is stressful enough with pile of homework, test, exams. What you need to know is you need to have fun, get into a club that you like, invest your time to play. I personally love to play table tennis (and lucky that there's a table tennis court in my college). Hang out with your friends, have some drinks, this should be part of your college/ university life too! It's not all about the work and the books. Enjoy while it last!

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