Monday, December 7, 2009

(: Wash Car Crazy

I didn't update about the car wash charity cause I was tired *seriously*, so I'll post it now (:

5/12 (Saturday)

Woke up early, I used Lady Gaga's Love Game to be my phone's Alarm Tone, cause that song is scary. ;D
Went to school. And yea, every no semangat that time, so we chit chat like seriously. Although went to school early, but everyone was like let us to talk! ahahaha ;D
So, let's start the TIRING CAR WASH CHARITY that was organized by KRS.
I found out that most of the people will just give us money without car wash. This is cool ;)
But some of them were rude. They will just say "No No No" or just ignore us. :/ I think I'm in this group of rude people :X, so I started to understand the feeling of the people outside and promoting stuff.

Oh well,

So rajin?

The first car!

We were RAJIN eh!~

Washing Steph Chan's dog, his name is Husky, we earned 10 bucks for it!

It was cool actually, I love the feeling when I was massaging the dog :D

BU3 teacher's car, we were like holy molly that time :O

The funniest thing for that day was, we went to community hall, one uncle asked us to wash his car, he said his car is the SEXIEST CAR among the cars in community hall, and I agree, it is PINK, HOT PINK! That car is like the old time Ferrari, yeap, when we used our hands to touch that car, we were like OMG, how long he didn't wash his car?!@!#! We should take a picture of before and after, Ohman, seriously, damn DIRTY, especially the tyres, AHH!

my legs were tired, felt like DYING already after the whole day. I used tired leg gel.

6/12 (Sunday)

Although went to school punctual, but there was less people there compare to the first day I went. We should have this "Punctual" in our moral value, hello people? Agree?
So yea, we washed like Saturday. ;D

One of the car we washed, see the difference? The black n white, seriously eh, dirty.

Enjoying 100Plus under the hot sun, owh yea~

Took this pic when we have break. ;)

Playing at BU6 Playground like children :D,
From left to right: Me, WenQi, Chee Wai, Waimun. :D

That day wasn't that tiring like Saturday, and not that serious, ;D, btw, I love to play swing!

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