Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who says Malaysia don't have Tornado?

If you see today's newspaper, maybe you can see the latest news bout Tornado in Perlis!

I remember when I studied Geography in class, they say our country is one of the lucky country that will not encounter Tornado. *I guess*

Pantai Klebang, Melaka (2008)

Pretty scary huh?


Perlis (Yesterday)

A lot of buildings were destroyed. D:

The world has change, as the technology advances, the worse the earth will be
. When inflations happen, people has to suffer with the raise of price range from oil to flour.
How could we say better technology brings better life to us? Perhaps this is just an illusion where people can't seem to get over it. We can't leave without internet, handphones, fridge, airconds and so on. They bring us convenience along with their destructions. Radioactive, thin ozone layer, pollutions, what more can they destroy? Later, they bring greed and selfishness among people which leads to more wars. More wars lead to more death. More death leads to more suffering humans. When will this stop? Not in a million years time. Maybe living a life as a caveman isn't a bad thing after all...


ken said...

well that's scary! =/

Anonymous said...

yang kat melaka & penang tu bukan tornado lar , tu water sprout !

Anonymous said...

Malaysians actually just stand and look at "tornados"? Geez, where's the common sense...???

All the movies have failed to make us realize that natural disaster do happen and all we do is just stand and watch.

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