Tuesday, June 2, 2009


woooho, upgraded!

all the posts after this post will have at least 1 pic, (: *all most all*
and will have an emotion everyday!!!
I call the round thingie, "DOTS" yay !!!
Emotion of the day

I am

seriously, I am damn angry cause of the two *IDOIT*
they damn damn....
they are ELEPHANTS, you know elephants have thick skin?
yeap, they are damn tebal muka.
hey? Even the elephants' mother also like that!
They are DUMBOs!!!
I guess I am not supposed to say who are they, maybe I'm just too stress...or I am weird? GAHHH. O.H.O.E (Oh HELLO? Oh ELEPHANT!)

Holidays are life less serious (:
still thinking of the diabolo for MALAM BAKAT
and also the class layout, seriously, no idea and inspiration ;(

wish you can be the photographer of our class layout (:

to sujane
wish u can join diabolo, seriously (:, I'm forcing you

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