Monday, June 8, 2009

(: we were both young?

I am

finally, I have my phone back, so that means...
You all can call me again, weee~
Please give me your phone no. Mine is still the same.
well, this holiday is super busy (: and I like it
and I am so in love with Friends For Sale in Facebook.
BUY ME please (:
and watched Terminator Salvation


well, did nothing in this holiday except for training chinese yoyo+ computer designing skills.
I want to go to support Blitzerz!!! You?
Run baby,run.....don't ever look back.
cause I don't know what to do for our class layout...

Give me some ideas, 2Mataharians....): Cause I need to pass up 22 June..
and it's so near.

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