Monday, June 29, 2009


and idiot told me that...

sorry for loooooong time not update my blog. /:
I wasted used my time to design class & koperasi's layout (:
is it call fun? NOT! the software make my computer lag shit..
school is starting to becoming boring... the teachers always go holiday
still haven't finish koperasi's layout....well, tell you why

1. is teachers' fault, they are not cooperate =.=''

2. is my fault, I am quite slow :X

3. is my fault again, no inspiration...lack of imaginary ):

well, trying my best to finish it before.......THIS WEEK!!! hah!
there are damn lot events in the school (:...and I love it!
1. Hari Temu Mesra (This Friday)

2. Cheer rehearsal *right?* (4/7)

3. Cheer Competition!!! (5/7)

4. Malam Bakat!!! (10/7)

5. Hari Kokurikulum (31/7)

:D!!! i love busyness !!!

no pictures for today, I am quite lazy :X
If you want to see the pictures that I taken in the class and also koperasi
please go to FACEBOOK and go to Jinwei's page (:

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