Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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Ah, the casual, comfortable flip-flop: A symbol of summertime, an emblem of relaxation — and a harbinger of death?

OK, well, that may be overstating it a little bit — but not by too terribly much, health experts say.

TODAY, with the help of the University of Miami emergency mobile flip-flop lab, tested some footwear and found that there were more than 18,000 bacteria on just one pair of flip-flops. Even more shocking than the number of germs were the types represented — bacteria from fecal matter, skin and respiratory germs. One pair of 6-year-old flip-flops had germs that cause yeast infection and diaper rash.

The New York Daily News recently tested two pairs of flip-flops as well, ones that traipsed through bars in New York’s West Village, plodded through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, rode the F, A, C, G, 2 and 3 subway trains, attended a Brooklyn Cyclones game in Coney Island and rode the Cyclone roller coaster. One pair wandered into the Coney Island subway station’s public restroom.

They found that the shoes that flopped their way into that public restroom harbored about 13,900 more bacteria than the other pair.

Presence of a deadly germ
Most disturbing of all, the flip-flops provided shelter to the potentially lethal germ Staphylococcus aureus. That’s serious, said Dr. Philip M. Tierno Jr., director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. He said the presence of this germ can be especially problematic if you have an open cut or blister on your foot, or if you handle your flip-flops a lot with your hands.

“That particular organism can give you a serious infection like a boil, or more serious, it could possess toxins,” Tierno told TODAY. “They can make you very sick or kill you.”

So why we wearing flip-flops to school?

Not in good mood now, I got low marks in the monthly exam, damn?
Well, today is normal,
Rohini still the same, she teaching, we laughing (:
ICT, was boring.....
Koperasi, was busy......
Pengawas, was not in the class, like normal......
Jinwei, still the same, quite tired in the class

Watched the malam bakat dvd, ....quite sad, the chinese yoyo was like? O_O
I don't feel like doing it next year man,cause I got tired of being stupid on the stage, well, maybe dancing? ME WANT DANCING!
by the way, 24 seasons drum, The Prayer (Joel & Jou Ee), Fanaticz, Blitzerz, IX(Ex smkbud4) was awesome (:

just found this picture, damn nice :D.....can u see me?

*this is a long post (:

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