Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I feel kinda nerd...esshhh, crazy exam is stress, correct? Or it is fun? (:
Finally, I can online, isn't that awesome? (: heh, designed something while I can't online.

fly up high, with fear :X
isn't that awesome?
btw, happy birthday to the KHAWS (:

I also did some crap, boring
hehe, what the hell, right?
Why am I so crazy about the exam? No idea, I feel so lifeless, only me & the books!

And! I feel like designing something elegant, so, I DID THIS *(:

Life is awesome, sometimes. So do smile, cause we need it.
Awesome possum cherry blossom
Life's brief candle.
Exam is awesome/stupid?
Or both exist the same time?

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