Monday, September 14, 2009


I feel so boring in the class now, no one actually update their SONGS in their mind...usshh
okay, maybe some of them...=.=, or maybe I am spend too much time alone with the radio that plays latest songs..............

by the way, a new design

for anis' blog header, 3.5/5 stars....ANIS! PLS CALL ME TO REDO IT :X
I used 2 pics from Deviantart (the girl and the table with a cup)
and a lot brushes, *srsly =.=* I hate to use brushes, but I've no inspiration when I am doing that.
the dots at the top right is actually FULLSTOPS in LARGE font SIZE. (:
Main colors - Purple, lighter purple, pink, "=.="

damn it, let's have some fun, this beat is sick (:, sometimes, you just make me feel so sick.
lyrics!!! //She's A Lady

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