Thursday, November 5, 2009


First week of project alpha : fourfeetnine

3rd week of project alpha: redmummy

4th week of project alpha: kennysia

5th week of project alpha: beautifulnara

This week will be the last week of project alpha, so I'll make a conclusion. :)
For this week, is the featured blogger. And I found out is like kinda hard to write post about him. So I'll make it simple as possible
And tada, the new graphic pics for this week

this picture is simply inspired by, and see, I used the adidas' slogan :D
He will be the wildest, strongest(mental), craziest man in the world I tell you!
He was a drug addict, and NOW, guess what, he stopped and he continues his new life
When I go to his blog, I see this post. Really freaks me out.

That post is about the process he bought the HEROIN(drugs) and how he felt when he *eat?* the drugs....seriously, don't get addicted to it, it will ruin your FUTURE!
And I also I am kinda impressed by Sixthseal, is really hard to stop the addiction of DRUGS right? Yeap...
He believes that everyone of us can have a second chance, so do I.

So, Sixthseal went before rehab........guess what

Jojo: There's no internet access?
Sixthseal: In rehab, no of course not, it's government facilities.

and guess what the rehab has?

Jojo: Nothing?
Sixthseal: Nothing. The thing you do is berkawad which is like marching every single morning, it suppose to teach you to be discipline

OMG? Sixthseal also mentioned that in the rehab he also pluck the grass?
So people, clear your mind, don't let the curiosity kills you

he also gives a lot of tips for blogging, useful! :D e.g. "If you say you want to do it, then DO IT!"

Okay, let's have something funny~

Jojo: (thinking) woo~ he's hot :D

When Jojo says: In nomine patris et fille et spiritus (the Latin words on sixthseal's back)
I thought she knows Latin, cause the slang of how she said...==
and Jojo asked what does that means...and I was like...WHAT?
well, he is just the MAN of the MAN! :D
wants to know what does that means? Go to Nuffnang project alpha :)

Everyone is special in this world, this world is awesome, you just need to discover yourself and also give yourself a chance. Effort is also needed when you doing something. Just like the featured bloggers
But how many of us can do that?

Well, lastly
I know I can blog :)

thanks to Nuffnang, Project Alpha, Adidas :)

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