Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry for the long time didn't update-ness
Okay, so let's talk about what happened yesterday.
Woke Up early in the morning, it was 7.00 a.m, need to go to school for calligraphy competition,
at 7.15, *my phone ring tone* picked up my phone.

JINWEI : *OMGIE, i'm late, AHHH!!!*

ZHENRUAN: Where are you?!


So went to school in a rush.
When to 马华大厦 , go in to the hall and wait for the competition, I took both competiton (Calligraphy & Chinese Drawing), well, everything was alright, until we got the words we need to write for calligraphy. IT WAS IN 繁体 (the chinese words that are HARD TO WRITE FOR OUR GENERATION), but whatever, we still wrote with confident? hah, when I realized I write wrong, I was like shit, and just forgot about the calligraphy and just draw Chinese Drawing ;)

When I wanted to start my very first step of drawing, my heart was beating faster... BLAH, I used 1 hour+ to finish it. I thought it was just okay.

And tada, this what I drew, plum blossoms, can see the bird? ;D credit to Amber.
When the prize giving ceremony, I was like nothing, cause I knew there's only LITTLE TINY LITTLE chance to get in the lowest prize. And suddenly,

Tan Jin Wei! (in chinese)

Students from SMKBUD4 were like, WOW!!!! ;D Thanks people!
I got the 入选奖, the lowest prize eh, but still awesome.

At 3.30pm, going back to home, suddenly,

"My phone rang"

Jinwei: Hello?

Nicholas: Yea, we're from Nuffnang, and you're in the Digi Pimp My Day Challenge"


Nicholas: A..yea, did you received our email yesterday?

Jinwei: No, I checked my email, but I can't find any from nuffnang.

Nicholas: Did you check properly?

Jinwei: Yea, but I really didn't receive.

Nicholas: Okay, can you and your members come now, we'll wait for you guys at 4.00pm, okay?

Jinwei: *OMG* Okay Okay!!!

So this is what happened, to the people that don't know what the hell is Digi Pimp My Day Challenge

The DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge is an on ground challenge which will require you to work in teams of 4 where you’ll be given clues and tasks to complete inside a shopping complex.

This is one of our group pic!

I quickly call my members (Weyyen, Nicole, Wenqi)
And guess what, success! ;D All of us said yes, and we went to 1Utama Mardi Gras, (not allowed for below 17) ahaha. So the competition actually started at 2 something. But still alright, we told ourselves we are here for fun.

Firstly, we went to Mardi Gras, the once time experience for this year! Don't I can get into it until I am 17 ;D. So the first task was dance with poles? O_O, since we have cheerleader in our group, so we just used cheerleader dance, for me, I was just like a GILA dancing, but it makes the cheerleader dance looks better? :? haha

The next task, we went to Swatch. The task was make a commercial for Digi + Swatch. And suddenly, I've an awesome idea, I will follow swatch, and also digi too.... ;D *Song original by I will Follow You*

The lyrics is

I will follow Swatch,
and also Digi too!
Swatch gives you accurate time,
And Digi gives us broadband,

sorry, I was retarded.

;D That's just awesome for our group, guess what, we won this task for the best commercial. ;D
earned 300 bucks. (:

After that, we went to Quicksilver, I love their shirts & pants eh!
This task was take a group picture with we wearing Quicksilver products.

And tada, this our group picture, love it. Should be the best group picture eh! ;)

Next task, we went to Celebrity Fitness, it was my very first time to go in. ;D The task was run 800m, no problem for me, ;) can also train for marathon that is going to be held this year.
Saw Jeremy Tang there, I was eh, isn't that Jeremy? He just ignored us. Didn't do any warm up *we don't even have time*, so after everything, my legs were like : OUCH!

Then, we ran to Digi. the task was easy, but we're just lack of Digi website knowledge =.=

We didn't risk to continue the tasks after this, cause we need to get back to Mardi Gras before 6.24 and now it's already 6.10. And the last task, Blogging of course. We didn't took much pictures while the challenge, cause we didn't know we need to blog. eshh. Well well, guess what?
The Laptop I brought went black. it's dead!!!* ahh, in the same time, we were dead too!
=.= But still, awesome digi + nuffnang people borrowed us their laptops so we can blog in time.
Ahaha, Mardi Gras, unforgettable, people that joined know what I mean right? ;)


Picture with Audrey ;D, her eyes are big yea!

Picture with RedMummy, her RED is STRIKING ;D

Well, this will be the first time and last time for this year in Mardi Gras, ;) good experience.
the coke there is weird.


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