Wednesday, January 13, 2010

/: Whatever.

So hey! Form3 live (15 years old) is kinda tough, (okay fine, I know form4 and form5 are tougher).
Well, this year 2010 start quite perfect for me I thought. Well let's go back to 2009.

Let the year book bring us there (:

See? The 2009 SMK BUD4 album. I have no idea should I say "GOOD" to this album, cause it's too perasan to do that.
I have no idea should I say "SUCKISH" either, cause the album cover is by me :/
But the important thing is,
WHY IS THERE NO CREDITS :/, seriously. Mad bout this.

See the difference between 2008 & 2009?
The thickness?...Well, you can see it yourself, it's obvious right?

Is it something wrong with the budget? I don't know but the thing is 2009 was a awesome year for me. But this album just make a tiny little black dot on it. Imperfect.
But well, I can't do anything now, it's already printed out. I believe what I believed.


: Is that a good news? wtf.

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